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Apricot Compote

This an extremely simple, delicious recipe.  Opt for greek-style yogurt for a healthier treat. Ingredients: 1 pound firm ripe apricots, halved, pitted 2 tablespoons fresh lime juice 2-3 tablespoons sugar Greek-style yogurt or vanilla ice cream Fresh tarragon leaves...

Understanding Insulin

Insulin is sold under different brand names including ReliOn/Novolin R, Novolin R PenFill, Novolin R Innolet, Novolin R, and Humulin R.  The body also produces this hormone, which aids in lowering blood sugar.  When prescribed by a doctor, it is used for the treatment...

Apricot Smoothie

Ingredients 200ml apricot nectar 200ml coconut cream 5 ice blocks Preparation Blend together in a blender until...

Top Two Reasons You Can’t Lose the Last 5-15lbs.

How would you like to learn how to drop those stubborn 5-15lbs that seem impossible to get rid of? I get it – you work so hard in the gym and eat healthy, yet nothing seems to work. I hear this from both men and women and have found the two biggest issues...

Strength Training at Home

Endurance and muscular strength are essential fitness components for optimal well-being and quality of life. However, not everyone can afford a gym membership or health club – which can run up to $100 per month. Once you add in other fees and consider travel...

4 Ab Exercises That Will Quickly Shred Your Abs

There’s a ton of confusion about abdominal muscles. Once you understand muscle physiology and how the human body works, it’s all pretty simple. Let’s 1st go over some of the nonsense when it comes to training abdominal muscles. 1st: High reps get...