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Some Amazing Facts About Our 6 Week Butt Blasting Program...And why you shouldn't even think about training yourself or try other diets until you read every word of this letter!

Cutting Calories

Cutting Calories and Restricting Food does NOT work for your metabolism...and it can make you gain more fat in the long run!

Exercise can become fun

Exercise can become fun ...but popular methods of trainers killing you and making you super sore can backfire and cause you to gain more weight! (Find out the right way below.)!

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Scott White
Scottsdale, Arizona

Dear Friend,

If you can spare 1 hour a week for the next 6 weeks by working with our fun fit happy family. I'll show you how to lose weight, build muscle, and save a ton of your time by doing it right the 1st time. That's right no more wasting time with doing this the wrong way and having the weight come back....even if you've never had good luck working out and eating right in the past.

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  • The silly mistake most people make when trying to lose weight...and how it can actually make it harder for you lose weight.
  • The number one reason that will get you to shed fat super fast...and how to tap into this amazing driving force behind when to eat and what to eat at specific times during the day.
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This 48 page handbook gives you at-a-overview of all the strategies for keeping your fitness, nutrition, and motivation on track.

You'll discover easy ways to spot potential problems with Your current exercise program.

Plus you'll find quick guides to create and design a lifting and eating program for maximum results.

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First Program I have ever finished and actually dropped weight. This works. I was hesitant because I tried everything though this works. Thank you sooo Much! I can finally play with my children again.

Suzie, I Dropped 20lbs in 6 weeks
Nicole M

Thank you for believing in me and putting up with my not so nice days. :). You all are awesome. I love the results. This is the best thing I have ever done.

Nicole M, Yeah It worked I didn't think I could do a Fitness Show

Scott White, Personal Power Training... Aka a former fat kid

Committed to Making you Healthier, Happier, and Achieve More!