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6 Must Have Supplements:

These should be something you take daily for your health, fitness, and overall nourishment.

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  1. Multivitamin:

(Top 3 I would recommend)

Kids Multivitamin:

  1. Adaptagens: (stress reliever)
    1. Ionix (awesome stuff)
    2. Adrenal Complex Design for Health:
  1. Probiotic:
    1. Syntol AMD:
    2. Probiotics
  1. Protein Powder:
    1. High quality new Zealand whey protein

Dairy free Options:

  1. Pea Protein
  2. Design for health pea
  3. Design for health Beef
  1. Green Drink:
    1. Amazing Grass super Foods 30 serv:
    2. ISA Greens:
  1. Fish/Cod liver Oil:
    1. Nordic Naturals:
    2. Isa Omega

Recommended Additional supplements

High Importance:

Overall Health:


  1. Liquid D3 10,000 IU



  1. Cal-Mag Citrate Powder:

Recover/ Muscle


  1. Design for Health BCAA’s
  2. Bulk BCAA


Chocolate Treat Options:


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