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Surgery on any part of body is the significant step that you take to improve appearance and 
health. The patient looks wrinkle free and younger than before as it tighten the loose facial 
skin and muscles.  
When you undergo facial aesthetics or cosmetic surgery the skin bears the high amount of 
chemicals and insulin. The cosmetics procedure varies in the degree which results into a 
healthy skin ranging to a mild to a strong procedure. It usually takes 2 to 4 hours for facelift 
surgery. The deep chemical peeling and laser treatment leaves you with Bruce, swelling and 
discoloration face. Face aesthetics shows excellent results, however the recovery and 
healing time takes 2 to 3 weeks. Sono Bello provides a total body transformation including 
cosmetic procedure with over 65,000 total body transformation performed at 30 locations 
For a better recovery you should know below skin care:
1. Keep the dressing dry- Dressing on the skin protects wound from the infection and 
germs. It heals the area by soaking up the fluids and reduces the risk of dirt 
collection. Do not touch the dressing and keep it dry and if you find it bleeding consult 
your physician. You may have to take sponge baths in the early stages of wound 
2. Hydrate- The skin has faced many cosmetic procedure and chemicals that will leave 
you intact with the skin like Botox, filler, chemical peels etc. Drinking 8 to 10 glass of 
waters every day will help your skin rejuvenate. Water will flush out the toxins from 
your system. Avoid activity that will cause your incision bleed or damage to your skin. 
3. Sun protection- SPF 30 or 40 is sufficient for protecting your skin from direct sun 
rays. The healing scars exposed to sun will become darker and prominent. You need 
to be extra cautious about sun protection it is best that you avoid the sun for first few 
days after procedure. 
4. Detergent free- Skin becomes really red post cosmetic procedure, to increase the 
level of healing avoid touching your face and keep away from the soap that contains 
detergent. Redness is normal use non soap cleansers and scent free moisturizing 
cream to prevent your skin from pigmentation. Do not use sticky cream or lotions that 
might cause itching and scab.  
5. Mineral make up- When the skin is healed and open wounds are intact you can start 
with makeup. Use make up which has mineral base and are gentle on your skin. 
Wash it off at night, keeping it for overtime may affect the recovery of the skin, 
however it’s important to wait until the top layer of your skin has fully reformed. 
Consult your physician before wearing wakeup or using any moisturising cream.