Scott white
  • Producers of major motion pictures, and primetime TV shows
  • Directors of major motion pictures, and primetime TV shows
  • Top actors from hot TV shows and major films
  • Stuntmen from Pirates of the Caribbean and other motion pictures
  • Major agents for models and actors
  • Olympic medal winners
  • Professional football players from the Arizona Cardinals, Philadelphia Eagles, and San Francisco 49ers
  • Collegiate football players from UCLA, Cal, Stanford, Arizona State University, University of Arizona, Oregon, and other major universities around the nation
  • Top soccer professionals
  • Professional elite boxers and the top female boxer in the world
  • Top-ranked professional beach volleyball players
  • World-class surfers
  • World Series all-stars and some of baseball's greats
  • NBA and WNBA players, as well as professional basketball players from abroad
  • Collegiate athletes in tennis, track, basketball, wrestling, football, gymnastics, and golf
  • Professional and amateur golfers to improve their game, power and flexibility to hit the ball with greater speed and accuracy
  • World-class ultimate fighters and cage fighters

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Exercise of the day

I would like to thank Scott very much for his help and support on my journey with my competitions preparation this year 2008.He is an ama

By Mariya D'Mova

Scott is a fantastic trainer.  Working with him has helped me reach my fitness goals as well as live  a healthier lifestyle.  He has

By Phuong
img About Personal Fitness Trainer Scott White
Scott is a fantastic trainer for lots of reasons, the most important being his infectious enthusiasm and support. He taught me that fitness isn't impossible, or even all that difficult - and the more results I see, the more encouraged I am to keep going. Scott is a genius at keeping the exercises different and interesting.