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Resting Energy Expenditure "REE"

What does REE mean?
Resting energy expenditure represents the amount of calories required for a 24-hour period by the body during a non-active period. Energy Expenditure or your Basil Metabolic Rate is important when it comes to losing weight and getting in great shape. We Measure your Resting Metabolism or your Resting Energy Expenditure with one of the most accurate methods to figure out how many calories you burn with in a 24-hr period. So if you want to know exacly how many calories your body really burns durring the day and how many calories you bodies metabolism needs then we can do that with indirect calorimeter. This is done with a metabolic cart where we measure the excahnge by analysis of respired gases (usually expired) to derive volume of air passing through the lungs, the amount of oxygen extracted from it (i.e., oxygen uptake VO2) and the amount of carbon dioxide, as a by-product of metabolism, expelled to atmosphere (CO2 output ? VCO2).

With These measurements we may find out additiona data that will allow us to measure your bodies resting metabolism so we can determin exactly how many calories you need and how we need to adjust your metabolism so you can get results. Stop trying to figure things out on your own by guessing how many calories your metabolism burns during the day find out accurtly today.

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