Wild Caught Fish Scottsdale

 Personal Power Training is now carring the Highest Quality Wild Caught Fish for you to order here in Scottsdale, Phoenix. 


We take great pride in providing you the best training, nutrition, and now we want to be sure your getting the best products for your health. Stop paying top dollar at whole foods and other places. We are able to gt the wild caught fish directly to you. 


We are Now Selling: 


Wild Caught Fish Pricer per lb Pricer per 10lb Case

Wild Caught Salmon: 

 $12 $10 

Wild Salmon per lb

Salmon 10lb Case

Wild Caught Ahi: 

 $12 $10 

Ahi Tuna per lb

 Ahi Tuna 10lb Case

 Wild Mahi Mahi:



 Mahi Mahi per lb


 mahi 10lb case

Wild Caught Cod:

 $7  $6

 Cod per lb


 cod 10lb case

Wild Caught Pollock:


Wild Caught Pollock Scottsdale Arizona

 pollock per lb


 Polock 10lb case

Wild Caught Swai:  

 $6  $5

wild caught swai fish phoenix arizona

 Swai per lb


 Swai 10lb Case


 $6 $5 








Select and order your wild caught fish today and either come and pick up at our location in the Scottsdale Airpark: 7645 E. Evans rd. #140 Scottsdale Arizona or have it delievered directly to your door. 
If you have any questions about your wild caught fish order please email: [email protected] or call the number above. 
Here's to Eating Healthy. Please ask about our nutritional plans if you need help cooking and creating recipes and a meal plan to follow.
You may also become an Online Nutrition Client or Online Personal Training Client. 


10lbs of salmon case

10lb case of tuna

10lb case mahi mahi

10lb case cod

10lb case Talapia

10lb case of Swai

10lbs of pollock


 pollock per lb

Order Size

swai per lb

Order Size

Talapia per lb

Order Size

cod per lb

Order Size

mahi mahi per lb

Order Size

ahi per lb

Order Size

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