Arizona Personal Trainers

Scott White is Arizona's Personal Trainer, one of the most qualified trainers world wide.  Scott White has trained Professional Athletes and Actors.  He has Trained Olympic medalist winners as well as many other's to achieve there goals. He has clients who have lost 100lbs + lbs, and trained female fitness models to look there best. You want results than call today! I take great pride in give you my best. Getting you results is my #1 priority. 

Specialities : Fat Loss (Tight Lean body), Sports Performance, Educator to Trainers, Nutrition


 Laura Sherill is a Licensed Mental Coach which will quickly transform your behavoirs that are not working for you to new behavoirs that instatly speed you up to get your goals right now! Give her a call so you to can be transformed into being the best you can be by eliminating any fears, mental blocks, or anything that could be holding yourself back. 

Specialities : Mental Coach, Transforms your thinking


 Dr. Booth is passionate about helping people heal their bodies by correcting any soft tissue blocks, mal-alighments, and can make your pain disappear quickly. Dr. Booth Takes great time and care with people like you to ensure you get the best. He works on everyone from new borns to professional and Olympic Athletes. 

Specialities : Chiropractic, ART, Graston, Soft Tissue Specialist.


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Scott is a fantastic trainer.  Working with him has helped me reach my fitness goals as well as live  a healthier lifestyle.  He has

By Phuong

I would like to thank Scott very much for his help and support on my journey with my competitions preparation this year 2008.He is an ama

By Mariya D'Mova
img About Personal Fitness Trainer Scott White
Scott is a fantastic trainer for lots of reasons, the most important being his infectious enthusiasm and support. He taught me that fitness isn't impossible, or even all that difficult - and the more results I see, the more encouraged I am to keep going. Scott is a genius at keeping the exercises different and interesting.