Before working out with Scott, I was intimidated and a little chicken by weight lifting but Scott had made it so much fun for me that I conquered it all. He took time to get to know me personally and pushed me to move forward in my workout. He is not only expert in fitness exercises but also in diet and nutrition. He showed me exactly what to eat, how much to eat and how often (I guess, we call it a meal plan J ). During the 9 months training with him, my strength, flexibility, energy and attitude have all improved manifestly.   If you have a fitness goal and determination, bring them to Scott and you will be on your way! Thank you, Scott! You’re awesome!


Thuy Nguyen


As a competitive ballroom dancer, I have no choice but to stay in great shape. However, I was a little bored with my current routine and felt I had hit a plateau.  To prepare for the United States Dance Championships, I wanted to take my fitness to another level.  My goals were to get leaner and stronger through the core of my body so that I could be faster and more precise with my movement.  Scott White came highly recommended to me and I can certainly understand why.  He was a perfect fit for me.  Within two weeks I saw major results.  What I love the most about Scott is that he listens to your goals and pays attention to what your body needs.  He pushes you hard, but only in directions he knows you can go.  I also appreciate that he puts safety first so injuries are unlikely on his watch (something many trainers slack on).   Scott gives you his complete attention and the training time flies by since you’re working so hard.  Make no mistake, it’s hard work, but if you stick with it, you’ll thank yourself (and Scott) later.  My biggest piece of advice for success…..listen to Scott’s nutrition advice.  I attribute a big part of my success to changes in my diet.  I was actually pretty healthy already, but a few dietary switches made all the difference.  Thanks a million, Scott. 


Suzanne Peterson PhD, Competitive Latin/Ballroom dancer, Scottsdale AZ


Over the past ten weeks, Scott has pushed my body harder than I thought possible. His program challenged me physically and mentally to take my health to an uncompromisable level. By working with Scott, I not only significantly improved my physical condition but acquired life-long fitness and nutrition habits as well as a new perspective on both what my body deserves and is capable of achieving.


Dayna Cobarrubias


Hi my name is Kim Smith and I found Scott White on the internet in early June of 2006. I bought the 30 session workout plan and started June 21st. That was the day my life changed. Scott did an assessment on me, the body fat, the heart rate, etc. and I did a mild workout that first day. I left feeling so disgusted with myself. I had always been an active person growing up, but like all of us we get older and busier and don't find the time to workout...and that day on June 21st I realized just how inactive and out of shape I had become. Scott talked to me about nutrition and I left his house that morning motivated to buy nutritional foods and change my attitude about foods. While checking out at the counter I reached in to my purse to get my wallet and saw my pack of cigarettes. I was thoroughly disgusted with myself now...I walked outside and ripped them up. From that point on I met with Scott three times a week and never touched a cigarette again. That was 3 months ago yesterday! Today was my last day with Scott and my measurements have greatly improved. The important thing is I feel great. My body has changed drastically. I am in my size 2 capri's that I have not worn in 4 years. I am not gonna lie to you, there were days where I complained and whined and thought oh my God what have I done. By the way I suggest buying the 30 sessions because you will be forced to come, you have paid and now you're committed!! I would get mad at Scott and whine that I can't do another rep, but I could and he knew it! Pushing yourself is when you feel like you are going to pass out, anything else and you are not giving it your all! Giving it your all is where you get results and I now realize that all those years I spent in the gym I thought I was really pushing myself, ha...I wasn't pushing at all. Personal trainers will make you work and we all know that anything worth working for is priceless!!

Kim Smith


It was at my highest weight and most unhealthy time in my life that I came to Scott.  I saw myself and my life in a down hill out of control spiral if I continued to sit back and do nothing.  With my pride left behind I freely and willingly entrusted Scott with the job of getting me back on track.  I truly believe that a person’s health is both inner and outer, and I can say with certainty that Scott cared for the health of both my inner and outer person.   With Scott at my side encouraging me to eat right, rest right, exercise right, essentially helping me, give my body all that it needs to perform, I watched as I faded from a size 10/12 to a size 5/6.  For Scott our sessions were more than just training the body to look better, it was about lifting me up and encouraging me to be a better person, the gym was just my starting line.  At the end of the day I walked away from Scott not just looking better on the outside but also feeling better on the inside, a result that only seemed like a dream not that long ago. 


Life is not about being the first to cross the finish line, but more important the steps you took and the bridges you crossed that got you there.  I hope that my story will encourage you to the task that makes you go beyond yourself; after all you can’t put a price on life.


Tamara Gonsor


Thanks for your article, "Tips for Mastering Visualization Techniques". Although I have books on visualization, I was always confused about whether I should visualize in 1st person or third person, and you answered my question. I also have a hard time seeing images in my minds eye, and your tips gave me some things to work on. Thanks again and keep up the good work.






Jennifer Rodgers

Model/ Esthetician


Thanks again for all
you've done. You've opened my eyes to how I was fueling my body with junk
and showed me how to eat healthy.



Training with Scott has been an enlightening experience.  Scott has educated me in regards to what I should eat and when to eat it.  I've taken this discipline approach and made it into a daily routine.  I feel much better with lots more energy.  I've also learned more exercises as well as proper technique.  I feel better, look better and have the information to continue on the road to success. 


4 weeks of working out

Gained  4.5 lbs of muscle
Lost  6.5 lbs of fat
Blood pressure  Dropped from 142/97 to 131/73
Inches lost  9 total inches lost
Resting Pulse Dropped from 71 to 61


Thank You                                                                 

    Sean Drolet


"Scott White is the most thorough trainer I've ever met! He is innovative and is constantly trying to improve and change the way people approach fitness. He teaches you how to make exercise and health a part of your life and he works with you to help you achieve better results than you could have thought possible. Scott White is professional, personable and reliable. I highly recommend him."


Elana Sevi


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Scott is a fantastic trainer.  Working with him has helped me reach my fitness goals as well as live  a healthier lifestyle.  He has

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I would like to thank Scott very much for his help and support on my journey with my competitions preparation this year 2008.He is an ama

By Mariya D'Mova
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Scott is a fantastic trainer for lots of reasons, the most important being his infectious enthusiasm and support. He taught me that fitness isn't impossible, or even all that difficult - and the more results I see, the more encouraged I am to keep going. Scott is a genius at keeping the exercises different and interesting.