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The Importance of Having a

Personal Training Contract



Our court systems are clogged with lawsuits, causing the pendulum of justice for real crimes to swing that much slower. Many of these lawsuits are as a result of verbal agreements gone sour with no legal paperwork available to help sort through misunderstandings before they escalate into the filing of a lawsuit.


Recognize the importance of having a personal training contract with your clients regardless of how well you know them, despite your belief that there would never be cause for misunderstandings between them and you. Even friendships that were formed years before have been broken apart by misunderstandings that could not be resolved between two or more parties. Protect yourself as a personal trainer and your personal training business by always having a personal training contract between you and your clients.


The importance of having a personal training contract with clients is not limited to just safeguarding you against possible lawsuits. A personal training contract clearly defines for the client the personal training services you are offering to them. This includes the number of personal training sessions that have been contracted for, the pricing of these personal training sessions, the projected fitness outcome of these sessions, and any recourse the client may have such as partial refunds, or additional sessions,  if not satisfied with the personal training services rendered to them.


The importance of having a personal training contract with all of your clients can not be overstated in the level of customer relations and service you will be providing for your personal training clients by eliminating the possibility for the types of misunderstandings that can ruin the relationship between a business and its clients to occur. With a personal training contract, your clients know just what to expect from you as the personal trainer they have entrusted with overseeing their fitness program. Clients feel protected by personal training contracts because they know they will not be surprised by sudden price changes to services they have already agreed to, or the sudden disappearance of a personal training service they had really been counting on experiencing through personal training. And at the same time a personal training contract protects the reputation of your personal training business because as long as you provide the services stated within the personal training contract to a client, statements made contrary to that will not hold up in court, should it escalate to that point.


The success of your personal training business and your financial future are too important to overlook the importance of having a personal training contract with each of your clients. Make it a habit to establish personal training contracts with clients, for the protection of your personal training business interests and for the protection of your valued clients.


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