Organic free range Chicken for 1 (as much as you are hungry for)

Rinds grated from 2 lemons

Blanched slivered almonds

1.5T chopped fresh dill

Fresh ground pepper

Lemon juice


3T lemon juice,

1/2-1tsp salt (to taste),

1/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper,

2C olive oil,  

1 egg,

1tsp ground mustard




Add desired amount of mayonnaise. Add lemon rinds, pepper, dill and almonds. Stir well. If bland, add lemon juice or salt.


In a food processor, blend egg with the dry ingredients. When mixed well, add half the lemon juice and oil–1/2 tsp to begin with and a little more each time, but never more than 1.5 T at a time. Mix in remaining lemon juice. Blend an extra minute or so to thicken.

*ingredients MUST be mixed in the food processor and exactly as listed or it will not turn out right!


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