1.5lb organic free range Chicken breasts, cut up into bite size pieces.

Medium Onion, diced

1/2 carrot {ish}, diced


Homemade organic mayo

Mustard + Apple Cider Vinegar

Salt + Pepper, Italian Seasoning, Cumin

Sausages {or bacon or both!}

Coconut Oil


Get a big skillet heating with your coconut oil, and dice up your chicken, toss into pan and cook it through.

I like it a bit crispy so I let it go for a while. While it’s cooking chop up your sausages, onions, and carrots. {the amount is really a personal choice}.

Put chicken into big bowl add bit more coconut oil into skillet and toss in the carrots, onion and sausages to cook. {While that’s cooking up you could make your mayo if it wasn’t already}.

Once those are done add those into the bowl.

Salt + Pepper to taste go in, about two drizzle around the bowl of apple cider vinegar {so like 2 – 3 tsps {or more if you’re me}}, two good squirts of yellow mustard, two big spoonfuls of mayo, and cumin + Italian Seasoning to taste.

Mix it all together, taste, adjust spices, taste again. Then add in chopped up scallions mix again. You’re done!


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