1lb ground veal

2 fresh jalapeno peppers

2 green onions


1/2 vidalia onion

Romaine lettuce

Olive oil


Cayenne pepper

2 limes


Cut ends off lettuce leaves and rinse

– Dice vidalia onions

– Dice green onions

– Mince jalapeno peppers

– Mince cilantro

– Start a large cast-iron pan to med-high heat

– Saute onions and jalapenos

– Add veal and and cook for around 10 minutes

– Season with salt, cayenne pepper, cilantro, and green onions

– Spoon sauteed ground veal into lettuce leaves, garnish with cilantro and lime wedges

Silky smooth and derishush Ground Veal Lettuce Wraps IN YOUR FACE IN YOUR FACE!!!

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