1/4 cup organic steal cut oats (or regular organic oats)

1 Severing of chocolate Protein Powder

1 small organic banana

1tsp Cashew butter/almond butter




Boil your water, add in organic oats.

Once cooked then you will add your 1 scoop protein powder, 1 small organic banana-Cut it into small pieces, 1tsp. of either cashew butter or almond butter, touch of cinnamon, sprinkle of stevia, and then just stir it all together in your bowl.

If it gets too thick then just add some more water into your bowl and stir. It will be just right with adding extra water and it will not be thick.

This is a very simple- yet amazing tasting breakfast which includes all the right proteins, carbs & fats all mixed into one.

written by Alicia Leombruni at www.alicialeombruni.com

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