101 one reasons to hire  a Personal Trainer

1.      You have no motivation

2.      You need to lose weight

3.      You don’t have a clue how to lift weights

4.      You haven’t gotten any results doing it yourself.

5.      Your frustrated and don’t like how you look

6.      You want to become healthier.

7.      You need someone to push you past you limits

8.      You have yet to achieve your new year’s resolution

9.      You have too much money and it’s a much better expense then drugs.

10.  You want to feel better

11.  You know it’s good for you.

12.  Fat, Flabby, Pudgy, Squishy, and Soft are names you hate thinking about yourself.

13.  Fitting in your skinny jeans is your #1 goal.

14.  Lifting Weights Scares you

15.  Your Clothes keep getting smaller

16.  Your lost your neck and now you just have a chin attached to your shoulders.

17.  You no longer have ankles.

18.  You have been asked to appear on the biggest loser

19.  You don’t like yourself much

20.  You want a body of a fitness model

21.  Eating a diet that is clean and healthy is something you enjoy.

22.  You believe in hiring a professional who knows more than you when it comes to the human body.

23.  Porky is  your nickname

24.  You believe sports are just not for you.

25.  You absolutely hate moving and/or exercise.

26.  You have pain in your joints, bones, and want to change

27.  You want to change your life

28.  You want to be happier

29.  You live for a day you can see your private parts.

30.  You want to be comfortable in a bathing suit.

31.  Losing weight is something you have been doing all your life.

32.  You can’t See Your toes because your belly is in the way.

33.  Your friends and family are all fat

34.  You eat fast food more than once a week

35.  You drink alcohol more than 2 times a week

36.  You feel exercise is only for skinny people

37.  You think only big buff guys should lift weights

38.  You think walking around the mall is exercise

39.  Your favorite treat is made by hostess.

40.  You believe deep fried food is one of the food groups

41.  You don’t know what else to do for fun.

42.  You need someone to share your problems with.

43.  You could use a good kick in the pants.

44.  You love a change of pace with your exercise program.

45.  You have done the same exercise program since you were 15.

46.  You think periodization is something only women experience each month with exercise.

47.  You believe behind the neck presses or pull downs work your shoulders better.

48.  You think tricep kick backs with Dumbbells is a great exercise for  your triceps.

49.  You swing more during weight lifting then you do actually lifting.

50.  You think posture is for wimps when you lift weights.

51.  Swiss balls are something that you think are just there to bounce up and down on.

52.  Stretching is something only ladies do.

53.  You believe yoga and Pilates are not weight training and it actually makes you longer and leaner.

54.  You just refuse to do things that makes you sweat.

55.  Sweating is gross

56.  Reps are things you only do with food

57.  You feel sluggish and tried.

58.  Your shy and intimidated by people in the gym.

59.  You believe everyone is watching you while you workout and you may be made fun of.

60.  You haven’t worked out in months.

61.  You yo yo diet and you never are able to maintain a weight your happy with.

62.  Jumping Jacks are something you despise

63.  You are depressed and this post is making you upset

64.  You always seem to get sick every year.

65.  You believe being smart means you don’t need to be healthy and fit.

66.  You have emotional stress you need to get rid of

67.  You like getting rid of your stress

68.  You resist change

69.  You need an outlet that is positive

70.  You could use a friend to talk to about your life

71.  Packaged food is your idea of cooking

72.  You never seem to have enough energy to workout

73.  You have no more notches in your belt to expand

74.  Every year people ask you to play Santa

75.  You are no longer allowed at all you can eat buffets

76.  You are forced to buy 2 seats on an airplane

77.  You think moderation is a bottle of wine each night

78.  Your chin looks more like a 3 layer cake then a chiseled jaw

79.  Your arms keep shaking after you stop waving

80.  Cellulite is something you want no more.

81.  When you breathe it sounds like a wind storm

82.  Your dinner is a loaf of bread with butter, a gallon of milk, and a box of ding dongs

83.  You have type 2 diabetes

84.  You think a good workout is to just go to the gym

85.  Your body fat Is above 25%

86.  You DR. keeps suggest that you walk, workout, run, lift weights, or BE MORE ACTIVE

87.  Jell-O is what they call your behind

88.  You’re a Muffin Top

89.  The last time you ran was when to make it in time for happy hour

90.  You can’t stand skinny people

91.  It’s the new year!!

92.  You just don’t do any exercise yourself so you need someone to make you.

93.  You want to look amazing for your birthday coming up.

94.  You want to drop 40lbs the right way

95.  Your sick and tired of getting Oprah’s advice that hasn’t worked for her.

96.  You have bought too many fitness DVD’s and gadgets from the TV that haven’t worked for  you.

97.  You haven’t touched in what you feel like has been forever

98.  You have been confused for being pregnant.

99.  You were picked last in sports

100. You Want to look amazing for your wedding, reunion, or maybe another special occasion.

101. Your sick and tired of starving yourself and not being able to eat what you want and still look great.