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Eating for Gains

Gaining muscle does not involve just going to the gym regularly and lifting heavy weights. That is one part of the equation - but an equally important part is making sure you have a good diet. A few pointers for a good muscle building diet are: 1. Eat protein, protein...

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Exploring the Pescetarian Diet

Fish is a great source of protein, essential fatty acids, and a ton of other good stuff for the body. Eating just fish for the rest of your life could get rather boring - or it could be the best decision you'll ever make.   For those worrying about getting tired of...

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Eat Meat to Gain Muscle

If you're lifting heavy weights and pushing your body to adapt to severe stresses in the pursuit of greater athletic performance or aesthetic appeal, you should be eating a ton of meat to support your training. Your body needs protein and a host of other minerals and...

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Spinning Your Way to Fitness

Do you find getting on the stationary bike for a workout to be somewhat of a drag sometimes? I mean you sit and pedal, not all that exciting is it? Oh sure, you can change the difficulty so you have to pedal harder, and you may be able to glimpse a nearby video...

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The Importance of Cardiovascular Fitness

The number one killer lurking in the modern world is none other than cardiovascular disease. The main causes for cardiovascular diseases are a sedentary lifestyle, and the consumption of unhealthy, fast food. Cardiovascular diseases are called silent killers as there...

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31 Tips for Running a Marathon

Though popular, the marathon is perhaps the toughest among all of the races. Sincere effort from the part of the runner is highly important to ensure success in marathon running. Below you will find 31 tips to make marathon running eventful and successful.   The prime...

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