Do you find getting on the stationary bike for a workout to be somewhat of a drag sometimes? I mean you sit and pedal, not all that exciting is it? Oh sure, you can change the difficulty so you have to pedal harder, and you may be able to glimpse a nearby video playing or read a book like the chum on the stationary bike next to the one you are using. Heck you might even start a conversation with the person on the bike next to yours to relieve some of the boredom out of such workouts.


With conventional stationary bike workouts, your physical body is getting exercise and which is good, but your mind is getting very little exercise and that is bad. Your mind needs a regular workout as well to stay in peak condition. Spinning for fitness transforms stationary bike workouts from a boring obligation into an adrenalin pumping exercise that is good for the mind and body.


Head straight to your local personal training studio and join in on a spinning class. You will never look at working out with a stationary bike in the same way again. Do not forget to bring along your heart and pulse monitor as you will use these while spinning for fitness.


Your personal fitness trainer will lead you and a group of equally eager exercise enthusiasts through a variety of challenges on the stationary bike. You will compete against the others in the group to keep up with the challenges called out in rapid time by the spinning instructor. You will also compete with them to see who is working out at their maximum heart rate level, and the length of time such a rate can be maintained.


When you compete with others you are determined to win. The excitement of being in the race, albeit from the seat of your indoor cycle, sends adrenalin coursing through your body. Your stamina increases and you work harder and get farther than you ever have before. This feels good physically and emotionally regardless of where you place when the competition comes to a close.


Spinning is a refreshing change of pace from your conventional workout. Keep in mind that the pace is a rapid one. Your spinning instructor will be calling out rapid changes to resistance settings and then right back on the bikes to continue spinning away as fast as you can. The personal fitness trainer may even interject surprising challenges such as standing up while cycling at the highest resistance. Think of that as being challenged to cycle up a tall mountain. But think how exhilarated you will feel once you have mastered that mountain and are enthusiastically awaiting the next mountain to come before you.


Spinning and competing within a group provides support and motivation for you to continue with regular fitness routines. Your mind will love the stimulus of being with others, as well as the thrill of competition. Because you will be working out harder and for longer lengths of time, the spans between your present physical fitness level and the next higher level, is shortened.


You and a few friends could set up your own spinning for fitness competition away from the gym. You will get in some additional exercise as you load your stationary bike into your vehicle. Agree to meet at one location and set up your stationary bikes there. Then use a video made for intense stationary bike workouts, or prerecorded challenges to compete and gain the benefits from your heavy duty competition and workout in the company of your fitness buddies. Spin your way to a fit and healthy mind and body.