Though popular, the marathon is perhaps the toughest among all of the races. Sincere effort from the part of the runner is highly important to ensure success in marathon running. Below you will find 31 tips to make marathon running eventful and successful.


  1. The prime thing is to select a quality pair of shoes and socks to wear in the marathon. It is further recommended not to wear a new pair of sneakers for the marathon.


  1. Equally important is the selection of outfit an for the marathon. It is always advisable to avoid cotton T-shirts for the race. Apparels made of such materials as coolmax and nylon are most suitable choices.


  1. Weather plays an important role in the marathon. Hence, start your marathon training during the best weather conditions for your climate. Likewise, avoid marathon running when it is too hot or too cold.


  1. Marathon running is most suitable for those who have been running regularly for at least one or two years.


  1. Prior to running a marathon, it is important to take sufficient training by running on similar topography.


  1. Likewise, at least four or five days before the race, perform a two or three mile marathon pace by wearing your marathon apparel and shoes. This will help boost your confidence.


  1. If situations are allowable, try to run at the same time of the day as the start of your marathon. The more you can perform this the more beneficial it will be on the day of the race.


  1. Sometimes, you may not be able to practice due to bad weather. In such instances, it is better to continue training on equipments like the Elliptical machine.


  1. Tapering is one of the important aspects of the marathon training. It is highly vital to repair the micro-damages, store up glycogen, and overcome chronic dehydration. Tapering usually begins three weeks prior to the marathon race.


  1. Before the marathon, make sure that your toenails are not too long, as it may be painful when they catch on your sock and your nail rips out.


  1. Special care must also be given to your toes, particularly if you have hammertoes. Further, in such cases, it would be better to use some kind of padding beneath your toes.


  1. Try to free yourself from outside stress and tension in your life, at least a week before the race.


  1. If possible, visit a doctor a week before the race. This will be helpful in getting rid of any problems like ankle or feet injuries and arch as well as heel pain.


  1. However, it is better to avoid anti-inflammatory pills such as Advil and Aleve, as it may give only temporary relief, and may sometimes lead to more serious problems.


  1. As it is a great alternative for sore muscles, get a pre-marathon massage about a week before your marathon.


  1. Invite your close friends and relatives to attend the race as they can cheer you on.


  1. Before the marathon, try to consume more nutritional as well as healthy foods. In addition, it is advisable to eat carbohydrates for dinner prior to your marathon.


  1. Drink lots of water, and try to avoid coffee and tea, especially during your evening meal before the marathon.


  1. Don’t try anything new the week prior to the marathon.


  1. Get lots of sleep.


  1. Imagine that the race is scheduled on Sunday. Then sleep well on Friday night and wake up early on Saturday. This will enable you to get sufficient sleep, as many of the runners don’t get a sound night’s sleep the night prior to a marathon.


  1. You must not think about the race too much after your evening meal prior to the race.


  1. Try to wake up early on the morning the day of the race, and try to eat breakfast at least two to three hours before the beginning of the race.


  1. Review your training sessions.


  1. Try to reach the spot at least an hour before the race.


  1. Wear a watch during the race.


  1. Apply sunscreen before the race, as it will help your skin from getting damaged.


  1. It is important that you stay hydrated.


  1. Take an extra set of outfits for the race in case of emergencies or changes in the weather.


  1. It is recommended not to waste energy during the first mile of the race, but on the subsequent three to five miles, try to get up to the runners that you are planning to run with.


  1. Above all, relax and enjoy the race.