6 Supplements Everyone needs Daily and Why?

1. Multivitamin : Our soils
have been stripped of nourishment from our farming practices so our food has
less nutritional value when we eat it. The big reason why organic food is
recommended because it has been shown that organic food has more nourishment
than non organic food. Being that nourishment is the most important
component for our bodies when we consume food. Getting a bit Extra with a
high quality multivitamin is essential to take daily. There are a ton of
multivitamins out there and I only recommend a few so don’t you want the
best. There is no need to pay an arm and a leg for a good multi though
contact me and I will tell you which multi is the best that I recommend.

2. Protein Powder: Protein is
essential to our bodies the amino acids that break down from consuming
proteins create who we are. Not all things are created equal so consuming
the best proteins for your body will get you far better results and provide
far better nourishment for you. Making you much healthier, fitter, and
looking your best. If you want to know which protein powders I recommend for
my clients give me a call.

3. Fish Oil: Good healthy fats
I’m sure your hearing how great they are for you. Get the Best quality
unfortunately many companies sell you fish oil or flax oil that has gone
rancid. Since it’s in a capsule you never know you could be eating rancid
fats which are very harmful to your health. Make sure you get the best
quality fish oil, find out know which brands I recommend to get the best

4. Green Drink: A green drink
that Is loaded with nourishment and is basically supplementing your diet
with tons of veggies and healthy organic herbs and whole food veggies and
some fiber is a must. We don’t consume enough healthy fresh local veggies
any more so our diets tend to lack the nourishment we need and lack the
fiber our bodies need to keep our system clean. Get the best green drink
that will not only taste great will be the best for you, contact me to get
the best one.

5. Fiber Supplement: We don’t
consume enough roughage in our diets to keep our intestinal track clean. We
need to eat more veggies no not fruit, but more veggies in our diet. Fiber
is great to keep our inner system clean and functioning optimally. Optimal
health comes from the inside first so we first need to take care of our
internal system to get the external system looking amazing. Find out which
fiber supplement I would recommend to get your system running at peak

6. Adrenal Support: Stress,
Stress, stress it’s all around us. Our work, our drive to work, our
relationships, it just is all around us and if you’re like me your on the go
always busy and burn the candle at both ends. We can run our bodies into
the ground with not getting the proper amount of sleep, spending too much
time on a computer, over working, and so on. Yes we all need balance in our
life, rest, relaxation, and time for ourselves to recoup. Contact me to
find out which ones I recommend.

One Supplement Program you need to do every 3-6 months!!

1. Detox Program: Why do we
need to detox our bodies. Well without going into air pollution, the bad
food we eat, the harsh chemicals we consume in our food and drink, and all
the other harmful things we do to our bodies. Detoxing is important to keep
our system running at optimally. About every 3-6 months our bodies need a
good high quality detox to rejuvenate the body and clean out all the junk.
Once our systems our clean and functioning optimally we now will be able to
absorbed nutrients better, digest food better, eliminate toxins, increase
our immune system, improve our metabolism, and make it easier to be fit and
healthy, sleep, and feel our best. Find out which Detox program I recommend
for the best results.

These are some of the best and most recommended supplements to everyone that
once the best results. Remember this does not change the fact that eating
high quality food is still your best bet and most recommended to do because
supplements only help assist or supplement you after you are consuming a
healthy diet.

Best and most Success.. Comes with knowing what’s best for you and your

Your Favorite Personal Trainer:
Scott White