How have things been going, have you been
committed to the gym have you been working
out and eating right.
are you staying motivated and sticking to your
routine.  Remember it might only get harder from
here, but the rewards far out weight the rest.
In time you might even enjoy exercise, I know
don’t push it (exercise sucks).  Though it is so,
important for you and your life.
Ya Ya I know get to the point.
2 Tips on
How to achieve optimal health:
    Eat all organic food
I know this might cost 20-40%
more.  It is far more nurturing for your body.  These means you
can eat less and get more nourishment. 
Organic food doesn’t have all the harmful chemicals that could
be making you fat and/or causing illness.
Organic food can be cost effective if you take the middle man
out of the picture and buy directly from the farmer.
Eat as much organic food as possible and I can almost
guarantee you will lose weight (fat) fast, and I mean real fast.
This is important to balance your bodies levels out of
sympathetic to parasympathetic modes. 
It balances you out to relieve stress and allows your
body to recover and feel better.
Certain exercising programs can benefit certain people
at certain times in there life.
For fat loss- resistance training has been voted number
1 in major studies.
Though you can benefit with exercise programs such as
yoga, tai chi, palates, martial arts, boxing, weight training,
one form or many forms of these and others are a start if you
haven’t yet. Pick one.  Find someone or maybe a video/book
to get you started on the right page. 
I of course would rather have a expert of professional in the
field of that exercise modality.  Because they can watch my
form and correct me, so I don’t make any mistakes.
I to professional trainer have hired other professionals to
watch my form, because it is not easy to watch yourself
while trying to perform and exercise.  You can take my
advice on this one.
Note:  Fist start exercising most will all benefit you in some
way.  Just do it and if you want the best results you know what
I’m going to say “hire a professional”.
I don’t want you to keep reading, so I will send you some more tips
in do time.
get great health and have tons of happiness with exercise and all
the benefits it brings.