1. Rent a movie, preferably a comedy, or a DVD featuring the performance of a comic and kick back on the sofa for some good laughs.


  1. If you have pets, watch them play. Their antics can be quite hilarious and good for some belly-laughs. Heck, join in, and chase the ball. That way your dog or cat can have a laugh too.


  1. Buy a book with funny sayings or a funny story and pull it out when you need a good laugh. Bathroom humor, jokes, and zany happenings, are the best books to bring on the laughs.


  1. Get out your photo albums and chuckle over past hair do’s that were really don’ts, and the outlandish fashions from yesteryear.


  1. Begin sharing remembrances of funny family incidents with a loved one and before you know it you’ll both be holding your stomachs from laughing so much.


  1.  Get a funny calendar for your desk at work and thumb through it when you need a laugh to de-stress a bit. Who cares if your co-workers think you have lost your mind. In fact, that thought should cause at least a guffaw.


  1. Get yourself some really funny cassettes and CDs to listen to at home or in the car for a "tickle" to your funny bone sure to produce a laugh or two.


  1. Watch and listen to your kids at play for an endless supply of laughs straight from these natural-comedians.


  1. Devise a plan with your significant other, or a friend to surprise each other with gag gifts. Then you can roar

    with laughter together over them.


  1. Read the funnies to get some laughs.


  1. Cartoons aren’t just for kids. Tune in to children’s’ cartoons and laugh your head off. So what if for 30 minutes the kids seem more mature than you?


  1. Get out, or borrow a child’s game and have as much fun and laughs as you did when you played with them as a child.


  1. Cut out pictures from magazines that make you laugh and put them in places like the bathroom mirror, closet, dresser drawer, and on the fridge. When you pass by them during the day, you can have a quick laugh.


  1. Attend a live comedy show for laugh-riot entertainment.


  1. Play a harmless prank on a friend, such as a dribble-glass, and you will both have a good laugh. Remember that any prank that hurts someone’s feelings or is dangerous isn’t funny.


  1. Go shopping and try on the gaudiest outfit in the store, or better yet, convince someone else to do it. Nothing causes more laughter than some designer’s ideas of fashion. Buy a pair of goofy-looking shoes and have the nerve to walk around in them. You and everyone that spies them will be laughing-hard.


  1. Have a joke-telling session with family or friends. Even if the jokes aren’t so great, you’re sure to laugh over it anyhow. Give the best joke teller a funny gift and have another round of laughs.


  1. Have a good old tickle-fight with somebody.


  1. Buy a stuffed animal programmed to say something funny and activate it often.


  1. Surround yourself with people who love to laugh because laughing is contagious.


  1. Make yourself laugh. That’s right! Just tell yourself to laugh and listen to yourself and feel your body’s reaction as you force a laugh out. You’ll feel good from head to toe. Also a good forced laugh usually results in a good case of the giggles. Stop taking yourself so seriously and put more laughter in your life.