Here’s a List of 5 Foods you must avoid to make it easier to shed fat, feel great, and be amazing.

  1. Wheat/Gluten: This food causes a lot of inflammation in the body that makes your body not able to do it’s real job and affects your ability to shed fat. Avoid Wheat/Gluten.
  2. Soy: I know a lot of health nuts and vegetarians believe this to be a health food though the head research of soy considered this food to be more of a plastic then a food. You do know your croc shoe’s are made out of soy. There is a ton of research out there why you shouldn’t eat this plastic or food. Stop Eating Soy and Trust me. Do it for 3 months along with the other foods on the list and see how you feel.
  3. Peanuts: Peanut butter, Peanuts are a highly processed nut that have tons of Mycotoxin, Fungus which will cause issues in your body and affect it’s ability to lose weight. Remove Peanuts from your diet. No Peanut butter either.
  4. Corn: A food that’s not digested as well is highly processed and is in almost all our processed food. Such as modified corn starch, corn syrup, and the list goes on. Avoid Corn and feel and look better.
  5. Dairy: Does our bodies a bad thing. Calcium you get from dairy is practically a life. The milk industry is selling you on this stuff. Wake up and learn how bad this stuff is really for you. Get coconut/almond/rice/hemp milk and ice creams. Avoid milk it doesn’t do a body good. This one will make a huge difference in how you feel. If you have a belly of bloated stuff removing milk will make it disappear.

Remove These foods from your life for 3 months and then send me all your before and after photos. Send me all your success stories because I know this will work amazing for you. It’s that simple though be careful these foods are in a lot of the foods you buy, order at a restaurant so be careful when selecting what you put into your mouth. Read the Ingredients at all cost.