7 Things Your Personal Trainer Shouldn’t Do!!

  1. Treat There Clients Poorly, Some personal amaze me how they treat there clients, there mean to them and hell at them and don’t show that they care for the client, the wonder why there not successful in there business.
  2. Trainers who are fat themselves, come on Personal Trainers are suppose to be the epitome of health and fitness, don’t be a personal trainer who comes in with a big belly and a bag of Mcde’s and than telling your clients how to lose weight.
  3. Count, what’s the deal with all these so called personal trainers how go around falling there clients around putting them on machines and than counting 1, 2, 3, 4…. What are these people paying you for, how to count, didn’t they learn that in grade school, be educated and actually pay attention to there form and correct it, I’m sure you clients already know how to count, How you trying to be sesame street count trainer. 1 rep, 2 rep, ha ha ha, 3 rep, 4 rep ha ha ha.
  4. Be an un educated personal trainer, come on health, fitness, nutrition, and the human body are very complicated subjects and you got these big Neanderthal telling people ridiculous stuff they heard years ago, use your brain, read, and understand how the body functions.
  5. Train your clients so hard they are sore for days, come on realize the human body needs to recover and build up, and it’s not healthy to make your clients so sore they can’t walk, know how your hormones function and giving them that much of a stress response isn’t good.
  6. Never get certified or a degree or lean anything about your craft, business, line of work.  Take your career as a Fitness Trainer seriously attend conferences, seek out information from the leaders in the industry.
  7.  Lie to  your clients promising them super results and amazing fat loss and than having 2 different tape measures showing them they lost weight when they really didn’t.  Be honest why your client isn’t getting the results.

in great health and happiness
Scott White
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