1.      Hire a Personal Trainer: Hiring a personal trainer will help you be more motivated, educated you on how to exercise properly and get results a lot faster than you could do on your own.  Make sure you hire a qualified a trainer one with multiple certifications, a degree, and one who is focusing on your goals and success.

2.      Hire a Nutritionist: Hire someone that understands nutrition and will teach you how to eat and create a plan of action for you so you know what groceries you need to buy, how often you need to shop, what foods to eat, and how to prepare them so you can lose weight super fast.

3.      Join a support network like My Weight world website: My weight world is a weight loss support and a weight loss community that helps people who want to lose weight, learn about nutrition, and be a part of others who are wanting to achieve the same goal.  My Weight World also has experts that are on the site that will help you with articles, videos, as well as online chats that are all just for you to make sure you get the best weight loss support possible.

4.      Walk, jog, or run: our bodies are meant to move and to lose weight you must get out and move.  Walking is a great start and is amazing for our bodies. If you want to crank it up a notch go for a light jog, or run to really allow your mind to clear and just go out and nature and enjoy some quality time by yourself while helping yourself lose weight or go with others and make it a great way to get to know others in a healthy positive way.

5.      Do interval training: Interval Training is best for weight loss based off all the research out there at the moment.  All the Research shows that you will burn almost double the amount of fat by doing interval training vs. the long slow fat burning zone cardio.  So get out there and push and do interval training to lose weight or more importantly fat faster.

6.      Eat more veggies: Healthy local veggies provide your body with tons of nourishment without providing many calories and these healthy veggies have tons of fiber that will allow you be fuller longer and feel great. If it’s hard to eat a lot of veggies try using humus, a dip of some sort, or even blend them up in a soup or a vita mixer to get tons more nourishment to help you lose weight super fast.

7.      Avoid Junk Food: We all know junk food is horrible for our bodies, skin, and waist line.  Stop eating junk food that puts more weigh on you and doesn’t provide any nourishment for you.  Start Eating better and just avoid junk food at all cost.

8.      Move, exercise, and workout: Come on we all should know by now are jobs are to sedentary and we don’t get enough movement during the day to stay thin. So go to the gym and exercise and workout and burn those calories.

9.      Get more active (park further away, walk places, play with your kids): Being active will keep the weight off you as help you lose weight faster.  Make life fun and enjoy fun activities with friends and family. Try going for a walk instead of eating some bad foods and drinking wine in the evenings.

10.  Avoid refined sugar, alcohol, simple carbohydrates, sweets, sodas, fried foods: High calorie foods that provide no nourishment for the body and only really help you gain weight and is a reason why we are so unhealthy in this obesity fight.

11.  Eat more organic, free range, local, fresh food: The reason you want to eat more clean and healthy food is because this is how mother nature intended us to live and to allow our bodies to function with the best nourishment that will make our bodies stay younger, stay fit, and look great.

12.  Sleep 7-8 hrs per day: Sleep and rest is vital to the body it is when we recover from our stressful day.  Research shows that lack of sleep or sleep apnea is a big contributor to weight gain.

13.  Write smart goals: measurable goals like I’m going to the gym 3 times a week for 1 month starting today. Make your goals specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, time oriented and you will have a greater change at achieving your goals.

14.  Avoid snacking bad foods remember every bit counts: just because it’s a bit size snickers or a little piece of candy the all add up don’t help you lose weight.  Start eating healthy snacks and avoid little candy and treats because they are another reason you’re not losing weight.

15.  Get a more active job/lifestyle: Find a job that keeps you moving and active something you and enjoy and makes you feel happy and fit.  Start doing fun things with your life instead of feeling depressed and staying at home and eating or going to the bars and drinking.  Join and activities club, take up tennis, dancing, or other fun lifestyle habits that gets you moving.

16.  Get new friends and inspire and support you in your weight loss goals: Stop hanging around toxic people that pressure you into eating bad and drinking and not inspiring you to get fit.  Your friends and your environment is a direct correlation on how you will look, be, and act like.  If you have friends you don’t like themselves and you start feeling better, working out, and eating better, they typically won’t jump on board the feel good train they rather bring you back to the miserable feeling train because misery loves company.  Be the outcast and fit in with the fit and healthy people we are truly fun.

17.  Write down your workout programs, walking programs so you can see how you have improved: Tracking your progress is a great way to see improvements and to keep encouraging  you towards your goal.  Remember not to just look at a weight loss drop on the scale, check to see if you cholesterol went down, your resting heart rate, if you strength improved, ect. these are all things that show you that the workouts are working and getting you fitter.

18.  Do measurements ever 4-6 weeks (circumference measurements, body fat)so you may see your progress every so often. Avoid weighing yourself every day because we can fluctuate 5-10 lb each day this will typically just stress you out.  Use a tape measure every 4 weeks it takes time for the body to adjust and get results. Don’t rush because losing weight too fast is not the healthiest thing to do.

19.  Workout out in a group to help get inspired and stay committed: having others to support you and inspire you and get you to make your workouts is extremely important because let’s face it we all don’t want to work out some days.

20.  Do it for yourself: Do this weight loss goal for yourself, don’t do it for someone else.  You may want to do this to get back at someone or something but it’s not as good or it won’t be a lifestyle change if it’s not important and you don’t want it. Trust me in the end you will be happy you did it for yourself, it will truly change your life forever.

21.  Find out what is emotionally holding you back and let go of it forever: Sometimes we have issues about losing weight that we created in our mind about if I’m thin people won’t treat me with respect or value my mind they will just look at my body. Our mind can link things up that are completely strange though we have to remove these emotional blocks in our mind so we don’t have anything that holds us back.  You would be surprised how much our emotions stop us from doing what we want.

22.  Give it your all and never look back or resist doing things because you may feel uncomfortable get out of your comfort zone and push until you get exactly what you want. Sometimes you have to do things you may not enjoy at first, or that my not feel that great though sometimes you have to push past your comfort zone to get you to that next step in your weight loss goal.

23.  Constantly check your goals and progress to ensure progress and change if you’re not. Sometimes we choose a wrong path with our fitness goals though no need to get discouraged just check them periodically and you didn’t necessarily fail you just need to modify your goals, your plan, or how your going about things so you keep progressing and getting the best results.  This is something that a qualified personal trainer can do for you to keep you with great success.

24.  Change your workout program every 4-6 weeks to keep progressing.  Our bodies adapt to what we do when it comes to exercise, fitness, and diet and it is important that you keep modifying your workout, diet, and your plan so you keep progressing.  This may be done by increasing the amount of weight you lift, the amount of reps you lift, the amount or intensity of your work out, what you eat, how much you eat, and there are so many other things that you may adjust to keep your weight loss dropping down super fast.

25.  Don’t expect it to be easy, working out, and doing cardio, and changing how you eat are all major life changing events so don’t think it’s as easy as the programs on TV claim that it is.  This can be tough especially if you hold back yourself or resist from doing what is needed to get the results you want. This talks a lot of commitment and dedication to yourself.

26.  Don’t slack off as time goes by because you are now comfortable but not yet at your goal, keep pushing.  You consistently and stay committed to your goal.  If you want it you have to stay focused.

27.  Give  yourself a gift for being persistent with your workout program and diet.  If you made it to the gym for 3 months going 3 times a week treat yourself to something special. Rewards are a great way to stay motivated and feel great about all the work you have been putting in.  Remember this is a journey and there are no reasons you can’t be happy during the process and make yourself feel great about how hard you worked.  Don’t wait until you achieved your goal to reward yourself do it on a consistent basis to always stay focused and motivated.

28.  Track your calories, remember you must burn 3500 calories to lose 1lb of fat. When you first start learning about nutrition and everything it’s a good idea to track your calories so you can see if you’re on the right track and you can learn how quickly your diet can get you off track.  Calories can add up very quickly so you should understand how much calories are in each food so you can make better choices.

29.  Remember diet is very important because you can easy eat way more calories than you burned. If you have a metabolic rate of 1500 calories and you ate 1 cheesecake for 1,000 and had a few glasses of wine well you just consumed all the food your body needed to keep energized for the full day though you didn’t provide hardly any nourishment for the body so your body will still need to eat more just to get it’s nourishment needed to survive.  So don’t waste your calories on foods that will not contribute to your bodies nourishment needs.  Pay attention to how many calories you eat as well as how many you burned through the day. Doing a resting metabolic test is a great way to find out where you metabolic rate is and what you burn during the day.

30.  Avoid quick weight loss pills and other methods: losing weight quickly with diet pills, and quick fix diets typically means you will just yo yo back and gain even more weight with adding even more fat than before.  Just ask others you have tried this method and I guarantee you that the majority of people gained even more weight than they lost and they are in a worse condition than before.

31.  Focus on being healthy and the weight will fly right off: if you focus on eating healthy, and being healthy by walking, lifting weights, doing cardio, being active over time you will lose weight right before your eyes and all without even stressing about the scale.

32.  Eat high quality protein: High quality protein will help provide your body with great nourishment in the form of amino acids which are our bodies building blocks.

33.  Eat lots of the good fats in your diet: Eating healthy omega-3, walnuts,  coconut oil, palm kernel oil, fish oils, olive oil, and some flax seeds are great ways to get your healthy fats in though don’t eat to many of them.

34.  Be careful during the holidays it’s easy to eat 3500 calories though it can be really hard working it off.  It’s easy to eat a few meals worth 1,000’s of calories though it can take hours and hours in the gym just to work off one meal so don’t stab yourself in the back to slow yourself down when your goal is to get fit and lose fat.


Check your resting metabolic rate to see how many calories you burn all day long: Getting this test done will help you determine what amount of calories you burn from fat and carbs and how efficient your body is about burning fat and how many calories you burn all day long.

36.  Keep a food diary so you can see what works best for your system as well you can see how many healthy meals you ate this week vs. how many unhealthy meals you ate this week.  Ideally working towards the 80 percent healthy meals and 20 percent unhealthy meals.

37.  Keep improving one day at a time; it’s not how many calories we burn in a workout it’s how many we burn over the course of our lives. Remember doing one more rep, lifting 1lb heavier is progress and as you do this over the course of a few months or a year it’s major progress before you know it.

38.  Swim do water aerobics it’s great on your joints and burns tons of calories: I know you may not feel great in a bikini because you are not happy with the way you look though who cares everyone is in the same situation there doing it because it feels good and it helps them lose weight so get the attitude that you don’t care what others think and get in and get a good stress free pain free workout.

39.  Remember weight training burns the most fat all the research states it: Every studies research out there shows how weight training loses the most weight and burns the most fat making it the best way to lose fat and weight so if you want to do what works best weight train.

40.  Dance, play tennis, move, have fun, be happy. Do activities you enjoy. If you do active things that you like you most likely will do more of them more often as well you will stick with it because you enjoy it.

41.  Think positive and believe in yourself: having a positive attitude about you and your goals is extremely important if you get negative slap that thought out of your mind as fast as you can and input a positive thought in its right away.  You must have a positive attitude and believe to make your weight loss goal work.

42.  Just do it (thanks Nike): You got to just go to the gym, workout, eat right and do it now.  No postponing it to new years or Monday start today and go for a walk, find a trainer, or whatever it takes to get the weight loss boulder rolling

43.  Jump on a Trampoline:  workout out with a trampoline is a great stress free workout that has been shown to work out just about every muscle in your body and is great for a good stress free weight loss workout.

44.  Create Action plans each day/ week so you can have a plan on what you will eat, when you will exercise, what you will do each and every day to reach your goals. If you want to succeed at anything in life you must have a plan on how you are going to get there.  So write down what you are going to eat each day, what is your backup plan if you out, what you need to buy each week at the grocery store, what workout you are doing each day, how many reps, how many sets, ect. ect.  The better the plan the more successful you will be.

45.  Track your progress: always keep track of your progress so you can see what adjustments you may need to do and what works best for your system so you can fine tune your workout and diet so you always keep improving and getting results.

46.  Write your goals and make the measurable.  A goal should be something like “I am going to the gym 3 days a week to lift weights for 1 hr and to do cardio at a minimum for 3 days a week for 1 hour.  This way if you do this for a month you will get tons of results and  you can measure if you achieved this goal or not.  It’s not the best idea to just have a weight loss goal of 25lbs or something you want something that can be more measurable and your results will last much longer as well as you will change your life to get a lifetime of health and well being and those are the results you want.

47.  Enter some kind of competition: bodybuilding,
marathon, or something that makes it so you have to prepare and get ready for a big event sometimes this makes people stay motivated much more and stay on track.

48.  Visualize yourself getting fit and eating healthy and making the right choices and doing what it will take to get fit and healthy

49.  Go see a Dr. to get your blood work done and see how healthy you are so again you know where your starting and you can see all the progress you have made and be sure you are not doing anything that could affect your health.

50.  Eat breakfast: I’m sure you know that it’s essential to losing weight.  If you don’t eat breakfast to get your metabolism going right away to get you to start burning more fat.  Eat breakfast it’s so important to your success.

51.  Eat 4,5,6 plus meals per day: Studies show the more small meals you eat throughout the day the higher your it will increase your metabolic rate.  So eat those healthy meals all day long so your bodies is always burning fat.

52.  Take your multivitamins: always making sure your taking high quality multivitamins is essential to your health and allowing all your metabolic functions to happen and for you to feel at your best.  I recommend “Super Nutrition’s” multivitamins they are some of the best I have ever come across.

53.  Get high quality fish oil or cod liver oil: We need to get a ton of omega 3’s in our diet to allow us to help us lose weight and feel great. My recommendations would be Carlsons cod liver oil or Nordic Naturals they are great companies and have very good fish/cod liver oil products.  Be careful a lot of fish oil supplements are rancid so be careful you get a good one.

54.   Buy a video game system that get you to move: If you prefer staying at home and playing the wii or other video game system that gets you to dance around, run, do pushups than go for it as long as your burning calories you will most likely be dropping weight as long as  you keep it up.

55.  Get a Gym membership: Going to the gym and working out and being in an environment where everyone works out and is in good shape can help motivate you to get your butt in great shape as well. If you feel intimidated in this environment well get over it or get some help to get over it most people in the gym don’t have  a clue what they are doing it’s just that they do it to keep the in great shape and who knows maybe you will meet  some friends to keep you on the right track to do more things fitness related.

56.  Hike: get outside in nature and enjoy a peaceful day hiking and walking around in nature soaking up the beautiful scenery and breathing the fresh air.  Hiking is a great form of exercise and hay if you like it compared to weight training it’s much better than sitting on the coach and you can lose a ton of weight as long as you stick with it and keep at it. 

57.  Create a Vision Board: Create a picture board showing pictures of how you want to look like though be realistic find models of your same height and bone structure.  Don’t think you can look like a 5’0 fitness model weighing 85lbs if your 5’10 and you have a much curvier thicker frame.  Find photos that inspire you and body parts and photo’s of women or men you desire to look like that you can see every day that will help you get closer to your goal.

58.  Organize your kitchen: Remove a “bad” unhealthy foods, package foods, and foods that help you pack on the pounds.  Only allow foods that last a week and are fresh, healthy, and you have to prepare.  Don’t allow to many easy snack foods to be in your pantry or fridge unless they are veggies or fruit.

59.  Rest, Relax, Rejuvenate: Take time for your body, mind, and spirit to heal from your workouts and from your rough work week.  Enjoy life’s pleasures with a massage, facial, stretch, soak, enjoy a sauna, and just take time to yourself to breathe, meditate, and love yourself for a moment.  It does wonder to allow yourself to get the most out of life so do it.

60.  Drink Water: You should drink at minimum ½ your bodyweight in water.  Staying hydrated is essential for losing fat and being healthy.

61.  Enter a Race: Enter a 3k, 5k, a charity walk or run so others energies can help you stay motivated ruing the run.  This is also a great way to network and enjoy running more.

62.  Rock Out: Create a music playlist with an ipod or mp3 player that you can just rock out to and feel the vibes running through the body to help keep you moving while listening to your favorites beats. Recommendation would be to get something with a fast, high energy beat.  Low relaxing music isn’t the best for exercise.

63.  Walk at Night: Start walking after dinner a great way to help you to digest your dinner and to keep the weight off.  Walking is a great exercise and is a great start for you to fight the weight loss blues.

64.  Eat your biggest meal for breakfast or lunch: I’m sure you all have heard that your biggest meal should be breakfast, or lunch.  You may  have even heard the phrase eat like a king for breakfast, a queen for lunch, and a pauper for dinner.  You always should eat  a big breakfast, breakfast is the most important meal of the day! I can’t stress this more if you want to lose weight and you don’t eat breakfast well don’t expect to lose weight.

65.  Starving Yourself doesn’t work long term: Long term low calorie diets don’t work they just get you to lose weight temporally and then you put it right back on and even more.  You also mess up your metabolism long term and make it harder the next time you want to lose weight.  Just ask Oprah, anytime you drop weight fast and gain it back it makes it hard on your body and even harder to lose weight again.  If you want to lose weight forever do it right the first time by exercising and eating right.

66.  Have Sex:  Sex has many benefits and makes you feel better as well.  Sex is great for the human body in so many ways and it will help you lose weight. Not necessarily by burning a ton of calories. (yes it does not burn that many calories), but it releases feel good hormones that do wonders for your body.

67.  Park Far away: Park far from where your shopping ever bit counts.  You will most likely save time, frustration trying to find a parking spot and lose weight all at time. When you park further away you typically get where you’re going faster because you don’t have to drive around trying to find a spot wasting valuable walking time.  So park further away because it’s just a simple way that will help you lose weight.

68.  Take the Stairs: walk up the stairs burn more calories to lose weight and stop using the escalators or elevator. Start taking the stairs to lose weight and help your goals.

69.  Consume a Protein Shake:  Taking a protein shake especially immediately after a workout is great way to get protein shot straight into the body to help build muscle.  Protein is essential to the human body and a protein shake is a great snack food to get in an extra meal. Just get a high quality protein supplement because there are a lot of junk products out there on the market.

70.  Check Your Hormones: Getting  your hormones regulated especially if you’re a women is essential to lose weight. If your hormones are off I can make it practically impossible to lose weight. So go see a Dr. and get your hormones regulated. Check around to make sure you find a Dr. That specializes in this and will get you on the right protocol to get you feeling great again by adjusting your hormones.

71.  Believe in yourself:  You must believe what your doing will work, you have to believe in your personal trainer, you must have faith that you will achieve your goals and what your doing is working.  If you don’t believe it just won’t work!!  Believe in what you want and go for it. Your Faith can make the world move as well as your waist line.


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