8 Ways to improve your Website Traffic with Offline and some On-page Search Engine Optimization:

1.      Get links: add links on your facebook, twitter, myspace, and trade links with others in the spa industry to have them put your link on their site if you put your link on your site.  Just create a spa link page to add them. Important point make sure your link text or the anchor text  for example: “Spa Consultant” or “Starting a Spa Business” or something with proper key phrases pointing to your link http://www.thespaconsultants.co.za/

2.      Sign up for a Delicious Account: http://delicious.com/ and add your own website by bookmarking your site with proper key phrases and as a courteous for this info bookmark 2 of my sites as well: www.personalpowertraining.net and www.seotutorialprogram.com.  Thank you.  Delicious is an online bookmarking service where you can access your bookmarks anywhere on the web.

3.      Make it so people can book mark your site by getting listing your bookmarks on your site. An Addthis button is kind of an all in one service you can add to your site or put each bookmark link like facebook, myspace, google, delicious, and many more on your site for people to bookmark your page.

4.      Use automation with your blog, rss feeds and everything else so you don’t have to update every page, blog, social networking site and so forth to save yourself thousands of hours of work.

5.      Create Massive Amounts of content for your webpage, The more web pages on your website with unique content the better.  This is why people who have blogs for their webpage and write something every day get ranked very well in the search engines like Google, Yahoo, and msn.  The Search Engines are looking for new fresh content which is why you constantly should be writing about your niche on your blog or articles for your website.   If you get writers block and have trouble coming up with things to write about just search online for other business in your field or even out of your field and get ideas.  Don’t copy it though it can give you the idea to create a page similar.

6.      Do your meta Tags: title tags, keywords, description tags. Remember to do one for each webpage you have and do the tags unique to that page.  Use about only 5-12 words in your title, use only 3-5 keywords, and write a description with your keywords used in it and only use about 15-25 words for your description.  Remember to use keywords in your title and description.   

7.      Don’t try and rank your website for everything under the son, be specific what your site is going to rank for and stick with that niche.

8.      Do Article marketing: Submit your articles online, though don’t waste thousands of hours submitting each article to each directory: Click Here to submit your article to thousands of article directories and get tons of links pointing back to your site.  http://www.articlemarketer.com/6206.html

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