Top Amazing Butt Blasting Exercises: Add a few of these to your training program and follow the right sets reps, tempo, days per week, and the proper training program and your butt will be hard as a rock and. Get Fitness Competitors Training program here:

1.      Squats

2.      Sumo Squats

3.      Lunges

4.      Hip Ext.

5.      Single Leg Hip Extensions

6.      Swiss ball hip extensions

7.      Prone cl extensions

8.      Single Leg Squat

9.      Glute ham raises

10.  Stiff Leg Dead lifts

11.  Step ups

12.  Bosu Ball Squat

13.  Bosu Ball Single leg Squat

14.  Bosu Ball Lunge

15.  Bosu Ball stiff leg deadlifts

16.  Reverse Hyper Extensions

17.  Side Lunges

18.  Donkey Kickbacks

19.  Leg Press

20.  Single Leg Dead lift

21.  Regular Dead Lift



1.      Jump Squats

2.      Lunge Split Jumps

3.      Step up Jumps

4.      Depth Jumps

5.      Box Jumps

6.      Single Leg Squat Jumps


If you have more please share your favorites and tell us why it’s your favorite exercise.  Here’s to training smart and hard.  Intensity is nothing if you’re doing it all wrong.