Personal Trainers Pick Movies to Inspire You

Posted by Tom Blunt on January 1, 2008

You felt pretty optimistic when you woke up this morning on January 1st—until you looked down at your gut. Now it’s time for your annual fitness resolutions so we’ve recruited three celebrity personal trainers to get your blood pumping with a few motivational movies.

Michaelgeorge_2 Trainer: Michael George          

Famous Clients: Matt Dillion, Tobey Maguire, Julianne Moore, Meg Ryan, Slash, Christian Slater, James Spader, Sela Ward, Reese Witherspoon, and Fernando Vargas

Merchandise: Body Express Makeover; starred in B-Fit and Fast 10 videos.

Personal Resolution: “To try to live my life in balance (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual), continue to grow as a human being and evolve and continue to give more than I receive.”


Top 3 Movies:

1.  Cinderella Man : “He was an underdog who fought against all odds, didn’t give up, and succeeded in doing what most people felt was impossible.”

2. Rudy : “Pretty much the same motivation. Rudy was not supposed to play football due to his small size (physical odds). He persevered and overcame the odds.”

3. Miracle : “The US hockey team did something they were not supposed to do…beat the Russians. Funny thing, I met Michael (Eruzione), who hit the winning goal, in Boston over the holidays. A very humble guy.”

Trainer: Karen VoightSubhead_photo_about

Famous Clients: Paula Abdul, Helen Hunt, Elle MacPherson, Brooke Shields, and Tina Turner

Merchandise: Sleek Essentials DVD series

Personal Resolution: “I don’t make resolutions, I assign them.”


Top 3 Movies:

1. The Pursuit of Happyness :  “Will Smith’s struggling and achieving is inspiring. I really like that movie.”

2. Away from Her : “Will help you appreciate your health and your youth. As you get older you never know what will happen, so you may as well do the best with the body you have.”

3. Enchanted: “May not count as inspirational, but I really liked it! Funny, well-done, and different.”

Trainer: Scott White Blue_tank_like

Famous Clients: “If you have ever seen an NFL game, WNBA game, Olympic medal beach volleyball players, movie stars, and TV stars, then you have seen some of my clients.”

Merchandise: How to Become a Fitness Model, Complete Workout for the Weekend Warrior, and Cage Fighting Training Guide

Personal Resolution:
“I set goals on a regular basis and keep track of them and adjust all year round. So I can’t say that I am setting New Year’s goals, because I’m constantly working on improving and growing as an individual each and every moment, and not just one day a year.”


Top 3 Movies:

1. Super Size Me :  “Education is very important to understanding what happens and how bad food can effect our bodies. People need to understand all of the harmful things they are doing to their bodies and how much further they put themselves from their goals by eating unhealthy foods.”

2. Rocky “Who doesn’t get hyped up seeing Sylvester Stallone come from behind, train hard, and overcome all odds to persevere? He’s always about achieving his best, not letting anything get in his way, he’s willing to fight for what he wants and really has a never say die attitude, and that is what everyone needs to achieve their goals.”

3. 300 :  “ Inspiring because of the men’s physiques, I mean, what man doesn’t want to have a chiseled, muscular body like those guys? The Spartans were dedicated to being the best and fiercest warriors, fighting to the death before surrendering, beating all odds. We should all aspire to this kind of dedication and commitment.”