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Aqua Aerobics for Fitness



Take to the pool at your local gym, during open swims at area schools, and in your own pool if you are lucky enough to have one, to increase your fitness. Aqua Aerobics, or exercise routines that are done in the pool can benefit people of all ages and fitness levels. The safety and benefits of exercising in the pool has even been found to help those suffering from debilitating physical injuries and medical conditions when performed under the supervision of physical therapists in medical settings.


There are two main things that are happening when you exercise in the pool with an aqua aerobics routine that work together to increase your fitness. First your body naturally resists the current of the water moving around in the pool in order to help you maintain your balance. Secondly, the body becomes buoyant when submersed in water, and this allows you to perform the resistance exercise of aqua aerobics without placing the increased weight and strain on the fragile cartilage of joints that some other forms of exercise place on the joints in the body. This buoyancy affect of the body in water permits longer workouts and the benefits to fitness achieved through those longer workouts.


Aqua aerobics fitness routines taught by personal trainers and fitness instructors are safe for children, teens, adults, and the elderly, and even for those beginning from a very low fitness level. Aqua aerobics fitness routines vary in the exercises performed and also includes the use of exercise equipment that is suitable for use in the pool.


Aqua aerobics fitness routines are generally not done in water deeper than chest level. Some of the exercises in an aqua aerobics fitness routine include walking or running against the flow of the pool current, the resistance of which builds the strength of the muscles of your body. Placing one hand on the side of the pool and one hand on your hip and lifting your leg as high as possible is another exercise typical to aqua aerobics fitness routines. This increases the flexibility of the leg joints, strengthens leg, thigh, and buttocks muscles, and tones and firms the muscles and skin of those areas.


The addition of aqua dumbbells and weighted rings and other exercise equipment made specifically for use in the pool to an aqua aerobics fitness routine increases the amount of resistance of your body against the current of the water which builds and strengthens muscles further and aids in weight loss for those needing to shed excess pounds.


Aqua aerobics fitness routines offer a safe and effective method of exercising for those wanting to trim down weight, burn fat, and tone their body. Exercise stimulates the metabolism in the body which burns off fat during exercise for energy. Metabolisms that have been stimulated through exercise will continue the process of burning fat for energy even when the exercise routine has concluded. Weak metabolisms are drawn to obtaining energy from muscles which ultimately weakens the body.


Aqua aerobics fitness routines can also lift your spirits. Many people find the buoyancy of the body in water to be a liberating, fun, and stress reducing activity. It is also true that exercise raises the production of hormones in the body and these regulate the highs and lows of our spirits. The higher these hormones in the body are, the higher are spirits tend to be and the less often our spirits become low.


The professional personal power trainers here at can help you to find the aquatic exercise equipment to take your aqua aerobics fitness routines to a higher level and gain further fitness benefits.

So take to a pool near you and begin an aqua aerobics fitness routine and improve your fitness level today.













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