I was sitting at the game on Sunday, got some free tickets from one of the players, which is always a plus, I have to say being in the training business does have its perks. Anyway, sitting there watching the Cardinals play the Bronco’s I notice that all of these people are slamming nachos, beer, giant hot dogs, soda pop, and all of this other junk people consider food, and I begin to think about people and diseases and staying fit and I wonder, why are there no places in the stadium that cater to healthy fit people like myself? Considering when we walked through the gate they stole my apple, though luckily I snuck a organic nutrition bar in my pocket. Ha! So here I am at the game thinking about how America wants to be thin, though we as a country make it almost impossible or very hard to do so.

What’s the deal? Why don’t they have a health food store in every stadium and offer a healthy meal? And no I’m not talking about McDonald’s so called fit meals. Nice try. People complain to me about spending the price of organic food and how much money they have to spend to eat healthy, but they will pay 32 bucks on 2 cheap hamburgers, fries, and a beer. This always makes me think of people’s priorities because for that price I could buy about 5 organic grass fed t-bones. I guess this is why I look the way that I do and feel the way that I feel, and the rest of America is fighting obesity, sickness and disease and feeling terrible in the process.

Eating healthy makes life a whole lot easier because the more nutrients your body gets the better it feels, making it much easier to get your mind to think positively about life. Americans are right it is tough to stay fit and healthy, though that is no excuse to throw in the towel. If people didn’t buy all of that crap, it wouldn’t be for sale. So maybe as a nation we need to demand more and want more out of life; don’t say “oh well;” don’t throw in the towel; fight for your health and the health of those around you.