The Arizona Strongman Competition has long gathered the attention of macho men and the media alike, for their unconventional competitive events, which are a sheer test of one’s strength, endurance, and lifting skills. In other words, the Arizona Strongman Competition, or really any strongman event, does not restrict one to conventional lifts or Olympic events. Instead, one has to perform really crazy events such as lifting a rock ball, sacks, tires, pulling trolleys and other weights, the more obscure the event, the better. Who actually invented these events, it remains shrouded in anonymity, but, it is a reality that strongman competitions are regular crowd pleasers, and are one of the best paid events in the bodybuilding/weightlifting or fitness events category in the United States. The Arizona Strongman events are usually telecast on pay-per-view television channels, in the US and also in other parts of the world, such that its fame and fanfare warrant.


Coming to the Arizona Strongman Competition, the events can vary from year to year, the only constant factor being the difficulty or challenge that each event poses to a participant and the innovations that each competition brings into its fold. In fact, the variety of events, is something that the organizers are particular about. If year after year, the events continue to remain the same, it naturally loses its appeal, so, don’t be surprised if in next year’s competition you see an entirely different set of events in the place of a stone lift or sack pull.


The most common event in the Arizona Strongman Competitions are the stone lifts. One has to lift a huge ball of solid rock in his/her hands without any external help and try to hold it for as long as possible. Sometimes, the participant may have to take it to a specified location away from where he/she began. The weight of the stone may vary from category to category, but the rules and procedures are essentially the same. Stone lifts are also one of the most difficult events in the Arizona Strongman Competition (other competitions as well).


Another popular strongman event is the Medley, which involves carrying sacks of sand, barrels, or axle weights in your hands, and running/walking a specified distance up to the finishing point. Like in the case of stone weights, the contestant cannot stop in between or put down the weights in the event of which he/she would be promptly disqualified. The distance and the weights depends upon the category in which the contestant participates. The winner is eventually decided on the basis of the time taken to cross the finishing line, and the minimum number of times he/she has broken the rules in the process of doing so. Another variant of the Medley involves pushing or rolling a tire, usually of a big tractor that weighs a few tons, up to the finishing point. Here also, the winner is decided upon by amount of time taken by the contestant to reach the finishing line without breaking the event rules.


The Axle is yet another common strongman event that includes lifting a weight – which varies with each category, like in a weightlifting competition. Other popular Arizona Strongman Competition events include Farmer Carry and the Trolley Pull. In the latter, one has to pull a trolley forward in its tracks using your bare hands. It is quite the Herculean act and not everybody can do it; only real strongmen can.


As mentioned already, there is no exact set of events for any strongman competition as it varies year after year. The above mentioned ones are the most common and repeated ones. You can learn more about the Arizona Strongman Competitions from the World Wide Web. Search ‘Arizona Strongman Competitions’ and you will see at least ten websites talking about the Arizona Strongman Competitions and the most common events, rules, prizes etc.


Here’s a few Websites if your interested in getting more information or wanting to compete in Strongman Competitions:


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