It’s always great to be a part of something and be around some of the
smartest minds in the Kinesiology world (Study of human movement). I have
been participating in a study at Arizona State University might I add one of
the best University and remarkably with the best weather as well. Granted
I’m biased because I did get my Kinesiology degree from ASU. Today was my
last day in the Study where I performed a wing gate test: basically you get
on a bike with some resistance and you peddle as fast as you possibly can
imagine for 30 seconds. I know doesn’t sound like much, and the test
measures a person’s Power Output which I love because I always want to see
how powerful I am.. J. It is great to see how your body resists fatigue and
how much total power you can produce. It’s my kind of test 30 seconds off
all out effort and then you feel like you’re ready to puke or pass out. Oh
for all that you were wondering my peak watts was 1270, mean watts was: 568
peak rpm: 183, Mean rpm 122: Anaerobic capacity: 6.8 w/kg; Anaerobic Power
15.1 w/kg; Fatigue index 30.8 w/s: and Total Work 17034.4 joules. Which
basically means I was able to produce a lot of power in the beginning and
fatigued fairly fast but was able to maintain a steady state for the
remainder of the test.

I also got my body fat% measured and Bone Density Measured with the Dexa
which is a very cool way to measure body fat probably one of the most
accurate out on the market. Dexa actually breaks up each body part and
gives you how much fat and lean body mass you have in your right arm, left
arm, left trunk, ect. so you can really see all the difference in each part
of your body. It also shows your bone mass density. If you must know I
came in at 14% body fat and Scored very high on my bone density scale. I
guess I need to even work on my diet and start back on my cardio.
Measurements are an important tool for us all it shows where we are at and
just like any professional getting that proper feedback will let us know or
the professionals we are working with what’s going on so we may make
adjustments to our training, nutrition, and lifestyle program so we may
progress in life and our goals.

Keep up the hard work.

Ps. Remember to train smart and hard.. “it’s stupid to train hard if you
don’t know how to train smart first”

in great health and happiness

Scott White
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B.S. in Kinesiology

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