Between five to ten million household poisonings are reported
every year – many are fatal, and most of the victims
are children.

Avoiding toxins such as pesticides, mercury, ultrapasteurization, fluorescent lights, additives such as MSG and much more becomes increasingly difficult in this modern world.  These toxic substances can be hard to avoid when you don’t have much choice in where you live or work but seeking alternatives could save your life. Avoid these toxins as much as possible by buying whole, unprocessed, organic food.

Keep toxic chemicals AWAY from children and better yet avoid these toxic cleaning items by purchasing natural products that don’t release such harmful gases. Go through your house today and see what toxic chemicals you can eliminate and replace with organic, natural ingredients.

Knowing what dangerous things to look for is our only protection towards daily exposure to potential carcinogens. Remember your skin absorbs things you come in contact with!