Do you ever find yourself feeling run down and your day has barely even started yet? Or you make it through your morning okay enough only to hit a zero energy wall midway into the afternoon. It takes a lot of energy to do all of the things, such as work, school and family, we do in a day. We need to be wise about how we allocate our energy to things so we can conserve enough energy to get through the whole day. Certainly you can be bone tired and still get things done. However, how well they get done and how you feel about it as you go can be dampened when you lack energy.


Conserve and spend your energy wisely for the tasks you must complete and for activities you want to engage in. Get rid of as many energy sappers from your day and life as possible to help you do this better. Other people, gadgets, technology, and our own behavior can all be energy sappers. There are energy sappers that are common to most of us and others that are uniquely your own based upon your personality type.


An improper diet and a lack of proper exercise are serious energy sappers. They are also health sappers, robbing the body of what it needs to maintain optimum health and function. Getting an improper amount of sleep is another energy sapper that can also harm the health of your body. Diet, exercise, and sleep are important factors in your emotional and physical health.


Behavior such as thinking we are never good enough or that we cannot achieve our goals is a distressing energy sapper. Moreover, our thinking propels our motion in the world. We can either propel ourselves forward towards success, love, money, and a good job by thinking we can. Or we can stop ourselves from moving forward and trap ourselves in a muck of unhappiness and failure by thinking we cannot achieve all of these things.


Allowing other people that routinely think in a negative way into our lives is another energy sapper. We may work with or be related to people like this. To protect your energy from being sapped away by them, set clear guidelines for contact with them. If you find that when they are in your presence that your mindset becomes negative and you feel your energy being drained, you may have to consider limiting or even cutting off contact with them.


Not having your work and living spaces organized is a definite energy sapper. It also causes stress, frustration, depression, poor performance, and strained relationships. When your work and living spaces are out of sorts, you feel just as much of a jumbled mess as your surroundings. Get and stay organized so that you do not have to overspend on your energy account to find things.


Distractions are sure energy sappers. Things like the telephone, computer, email, blogs, MP3 players, and the like are items of convenience that can distract you from the tasks you need to get done, and really sap you of your energy. Drop in visitors can affect us in the same way. Try eliminating these distractions as much as possible so that you can focus your energy on doing the things you have to do; you will then have energy to spare for engaging in the things you want to, including using some or all of these items as conveniences, and not distractions.


Not knowing when or how to say no to people can be an upsetting energy sapper. You want to appear to be a giver and a helper to other people and being those things is a good thing, but giving of yourself when you really do not have the time or it is really not in line with the goals you have for your life, is not good for you or them. Accept that it is okay to say no when you need to. Know that doing so will mean that you will have more than enough energy for the things you can and want to say yes to.


Take charge of how you allocate your energy. Do not let energy sappers keep you from doing what you need to and want to in your life.