As a competitive ballroom dancer, I have no choice but to stay in great shape. However, I was a little bored with my current routine and felt I had hit a plateau.  To prepare for the United States Dance Championships, I wanted to take my fitness to another level.  My goals were to get leaner and stronger through the core of my body so that I could be faster and more precise with my movement.  Scott White came highly recommended to me and I can certainly understand why.  He was a perfect fit for me.  Within two weeks I saw major results.  What I love the most about Scott is that he listens to your goals and pays attention to what your body needs.  He pushes you hard, but only in directions he knows you can go.  I also appreciate that he puts safety first so injuries are unlikely on his watch (something many trainers slack on).   Scott gives you his complete attention and the training time flies by since you’re working so hard.  Make no mistake, it’s hard work, but if you stick with it, you’ll thank yourself (and Scott) later.  My biggest piece of advice for success…..listen to Scott’s nutrition advice.  I attribute a big part of my success to changes in my diet.  I was actually pretty healthy already, but a few dietary switches made all the difference.  Thanks a million, Scott. 

Suzanne Peterson PhD, Competitive Latin/Ballroom dancer, Scottsdale AZ