Did you hear about Barry bonds record breaking home run ball, is going to be let up to the public to decide if it should go into the hall or fame or burned.  A website is taking votes to see what should be happened to the ball.
did Barry bonds ex personal trainer give him steroids which influenced him from breaking the record or is every one wrong about bonds and he really did do it naturally regardless what the case may be, you don’t see Ronnie Colman (professional bodybuilder) out there hitting home runs, do you.
in my book put him in if we castrate everyone for doing drugs in sport there wouldn’t be much of a sport.
yes of course I find it cheating when an athlete takes drugs though knowing how many athletes really have taking performance enhancing drugs it’s like well what do you expect.  I blame it all on us the people for wanting the entertainment of the sport because we wouldn’t have the same level of competition if no one used and everyone was clean.  Though it would make it a whole lot more competitive for the people who actually stay clean and really train hard, and do everything right.
though nothing is fair and just from a genetic stand point some people are going to be more blessed by just having better genes, that doesn’t mean you can’t be a great athlete or you won’t.
you can always beat the odds, always if you really set your mind to it and go for it.