The benefits of calcium citrate easily make it an essential supplement for you to add to your vitamin repertoire.  While calcium is best known for its benefit to your bones, it can help out in many other areas as well.  There are also many different types of calcium supplements out there, but calcium citrate raises itself from the crowd with a variety of unique attributes.


There have been a number of studies conducted on the benefits of calcium citrate.  In every study done, calcium citrate has provided greater benefits in the area of testing than other forms of calcium.  This means more bang for your buck when choosing vitamin supplements to take.  It also has a few unique properties in the way that it is absorbed – it doesn’t stop iron from being absorbed, so you can take it with iron supplements, and it can be absorbed without the help of stomach acid. 


Calcium citrate is one of the most common forms of calcium supplements.  It is especially encouraged to be taken by people who have undergone gastric bypass surgery.  You don’t need to worry about taking calcium citrate on an empty stomach – it is absorbed perfectly fine without food, and shouldn’t cause any undue side effects.  This allows you to take your supplement at any time, with a lot less hassle than you would go through for other calcium supplements.


Since calcium is needed to promote healthy bones and body, taking a calcium supplement like calcium citrate can benefit you in the long term.  Many times you do not get enough of your daily requirement of calcium through the foods you eat, so a supplement can take care of this deficiency.  Keeping up with your calcium requirement can help avoid breaks and strains on your bones, as well as osteoporosis.  You shouldn’t wait until you are having problems to consider helping your calcium intake out – make sure that you are thinking all about your bones’ health from an early age. 


While most calcium in the body is found in the bones and teeth – 99% worth, in fact – there is an additional 1% that travels through the bloodstream.  This calcium has a number of functions from regulating your heartbeat to childbirth.  It is a very versatile part of the body, and one that needs to constantly be kept to the appropriate levels.  There are many hormones and enzymes that are tied into the calcium levels of your body, and having a calcium deficiency can trigger responses from these. 


Even with calcium citrate being extremely effective at getting itself absorbed by the body, there are a few things you can do to help it along.  Taking a vitamin D supplement along with your calcium helps it to become absorbed even easier, allowing it to be quickly dispersed throughout your body.  In a recent study by the federal government, only 21% of adults are even getting the proper amount of calcium per day!  This is not a good sign, since calcium is extremely important in dozens of your body’s essential functions. 


Other related benefits to calcium citrate include easier weight loss, lower blood pressure, less severe PMS, healthy teeth, and higher likelihood at not getting certain cancers.  It can also help you to maintain a healthy metabolism, adding even more to the weight loss benefits. That’s just the starting point to many other benefits you receive from the proper amount of calcium in your body, and should be more than enough reason for you to seriously consider a calcium citrate supplement.