Do you feel too rushed to eat? A busy schedule may give you little time to supply your body with the nutrition it depends on. A wide range of meal replacement drinks and supplements can help fulfill your nutrition requirements and provide you with a quick energy boast. A meal replacement to invigorate your weight-loss program, or increase your protein – can all be had in a glass.


     When you’re trying to juggle a frantic schedule taking the time to sit down to a full meal three times a day can be difficult. Planning meals, grocery shopping and cooking are all time consuming.  For those times when you feel too stressed to cook a meal, relax and open a can or a drink box, or whir up a delicious and nutritious meal replacement drink, the never-easier nutrition solution.


     One tip for dieters: it is better to eat or drink on the run than skip a meal. Your body needs regular nutrient intake to give the energy to do your best every day.


     Most meal replacement shakes are well-balanced liquid meals with lots of vitamins and minerals, varying amounts of carbohydrate and far, and a punch of protein. Vanilla chocolate and strawberry are not longer your only flavor choices either – today you can choose from cappuccino, cookies and cream, chocolate peanut butter swirl or nutty berry burst. These are just a few of the flavors that can turn your supplement meal into something of a dining event.


     For convenience ready-to-drink meals cannot be beaten. Many of them a shelf-stable and can be kept at room temperature for months, so you can keep one in your car or handbag for meals on the run.


     Depending on what you choose as a “mixer”, the caloric content of drinks made from powdered mixes can vary. Mixing with water adds no calories, with skim milk 90 calories, and whole milk adds 150.


     For diets that need a little extra balance, liquid meals are a welcome addition. As we grow older, for various reasons, or nutrient intake can dip and may leave us short of certain vitamins and minerals. In addition our absorption of different nutrients in our digestive tracts can be compromised.


     Aging can cause a nutritional gap that can be helped by the convenience of replacement drinks and supplements. A study analyzing nutrition research concludes that supplements provide nutritious benefits to the elderly, some of who may be at risk for poor nutrition.


     People who are looking for a high protein shake can choose from many protein-packed liquid meals. Some drinks have up to 40 grams of protein per serving. You can also choose a nutrition profile that best suits your needs: several high protein drinks keep carbs at a minimum, and can be high in fat (12 grams or more per serving). Be certain to check the ingredient and nutrition face label so you know you are sticking to your plan.


     High-protein drinks can rehabilitate people who are ill, or have undergone injury or trauma. A study of burn victims found that the addition of protein increased the rate of muscle building. People gained an extra 1.5 pounds of muscle each week when given high-protein shakes.


     Weight-loss formulas make up a large segment of the nutrition shake market and have become popular as more people try to loose weight. These meal replacement shakes also give you a range of nutritious choices. The majority of slenderizing drinks are high in protein to help preserve muscle mass and fat-free, though some include a bit of fat to help sustain energy and make you feel full.