Barry Bonds did it Beat the record more home runs then Hank Aaron’s record of 755, people are saying that it was tainted, because of steroids, well we all can make millions of excuses though bottom line is he broke the record give him a high five a pat on the back.  Appreciate his greatness and his skill level, because I don’t see anyone out there beating that record.
So what if Barry Bonds used steroids or currently uses steroids, who are we to point the finger, who says hank Aarons wasn’t using anything.  Let’s face it “American Public” Professional Athletes on a high scale use steroids and performance and enhancing drugs.  To compete at that level a lager majority use steroids, growth hormone, stimulates, and more performance enhancing drugs.
Is that cheating, well I would argue yes, though it doesn’t make them less impressive of athletes, does it give them an edge compared to if they didn’t use, of course.  Would they get an edge if they trained better and ate better yes in deed.  Though bottom line steroids and performance enhancing drugs don’t make you a great athlete, because then almost anyone would be a great athlete, does it help get over the edge and improve performance.. hell yes..
Barry Bonds Broke the record, I have never met the man nor do I care what he does to his health and body, he is the home run record holder and you all need to face it.. Flax seeds, steroids or not.  Hell Barry Bonds may have always though flax seeds really are steroids, I have met many athletes and trained many athletes that where on steroids and I don’t think they even had a clue. It’s unfortunate we have demands and require so much greatness and high levels to be broken and when they do we want to point the finger and say oh it’s because he’s on steroids..
How Cares, give the man his do’s.. no one else has broken that record, yet!
Face it Athletes are going to use Performance Enhancing drugs, if we didn’t want them to use we would administer a test that would show if an athlete used and ever used.
and yes there is a test out there, but for some reason we don’t use it, wonder why!!
Congratulations Barry Bonds.. You got a high five and a Huge amount of respect for being able to compete and play at that high level of Skill and to beat a record of such caliber.