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Bodybuilding Competition Figure Posing Routines



Developing a great physique is the aim of many health enthusiasts. Lifting weights, combined with aerobic exercises are very effective in developing a strong body. However, it is not enough to just develop a great physique, when entering the world of competitive bodybuilding; it is necessary to be able to present this physique to perfection when at a bodybuilding show. It is the perfect figure posing routine that you adapt that spells success in competitive bodybuilding. Unfortunately, not many bodybuilders place much emphasis on the figure posing routine, while on their pursuit for glory.


It is only with a well thought out figure posing routine, where there is a good command over the compulsory poses that the judges can tell that you are confident in yourself and in control of your body. With the right figure posing routine in a bodybuilding show, the judges get a perfect presentation of the body. The figure posing routine must have symmetry, aesthetics, proportion and muscularity, where the judges allot more points for superiority in this category. So if there is poor posing in the figure posing routine, points cannot be earned, and of course, there are fewer chances to be the winner of the bodybuilding show.


It is very important to develop a strong figure posing routine as it is only through posing that it is possible to win in a bodybuilding competition. When posing, if you are not confident, it only brings about a negative flow of energy from yourself that foils your performance. It is no use going through the mandatory poses if there is no confidence in your posing. It is not only the pose that you have to concentrate on in the figure posing routine, it is also important that you follow the pose in great detail. Before actually going on a figure posing routine, it is necessary that you take a pose in front of the mirror. Make it a point to look at all muscles in the body in detail so that everything is perfect. Make required changes so that the judges will not find any flaw in your figure posing routine. Remember, though exercise and diet give you the body for the bodybuilding show, it is the presentation that is important.


Besides being perfect in the presentation in the figure posing routine of the bodybuilding show, there is another point that has to be remembered, when a judge calls out a certain pose to be done in the optional pose section of the show, like double bicep, you have to not only think in emphasizing on the double biceps but also remember to keep other parts of the body tight like the abs, legs and lats. It is only if the full body is tight will the judge allot points for your pose. During the figure posing routine, the judge can see your whole body and judge you according to your whole body and not only the pose, so if you are in a double bicep pose, the judge may not concentrate on the double biceps, but the v-taper, always remember to pose the body and not the body part.


In the figure posing routine, the pre-judging phase of the bodybuilding show consists of compulsory poses which are the front double biceps, front lat spread, side chest, side triceps, back double biceps, back lat spread, front abs and thighs and most muscular. Not only do you give the respective poses, you can also use some music when giving your poses. When choosing a song for your figure posing routine, make sure that it is a song that suits both your personality and the feeling you wish to emit to the audience. Then following the music, you can pose with even more passion. Perhaps certain lyrics in the song will make remembering certain poses easier.


After the mandatory pose round in the figure posing routine, you have a free posing round where you complete your routine according to the music. You have up to 90 seconds to choreograph a unique figure posing routine incorporating the poses that highlight the strong parts of your body. Remembering all of these points is sure to spell success in the figure posing routine of the bodybuilding show!





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