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Bodybuilding Posing Techniques



The bodybuilding posing technique is a very important aspect when participating in a bodybuilding contest. It is not just enough to have a muscular body, but also how you pose in the contest. In the initial comparisons, the competitors have to go through a bodybuilding posing routine consisting of nine or more mandatory poses. These poses are similar for men and women. These poses are required for initial comparisons amongst bodybuilders and are done in this specific sequence: the Quarter Turns, Front Double Bicep, Front Lat Spread, Abs and Thigh, Side Chest, Side Tricep, Rear Double Bicep, Rear Lat Spread and Most Muscular. On the completion of the systematic comparisons, the judge calls for a bout of freestyle posing wherein the competitors can do any poses, following any sequence they want. The time limit for freestyle posing is usually between 30 and 60 seconds.


When judging the contestants, the bodybuilding posing routine first undergoes some semi-relaxed quarter turns wherein they can determine the symmetry of division, upon reaching the mandatory poses, the poses are used in numerical sequence. These poses can be used in additional comparisons between sub-groups of contestants. Then comes the optional or free style poses where bodybuilders can choose the poses or the judges may select the poses.

During the bodybuilding posing routine, the contestants can be down rated for not assuming the poses properly. These poses have to be formed by the proper placing of the feet and then the assuming of the required poses. Though individual poses concentrate on a part of the body, it is important that the whole body be posed in all poses. As the name implies, the semi-relaxed poses have to be semi-relaxed and not flexed. The feet have to be placed flat on the floor with weight evenly distributed. The posture is symmetrical with the face facing forward.


The bodybuilding posing routine should be done while focusing the pose towards the center of the judging panel. It is possible to rotate while standing in place so that all judges can view the body. The mandatory poses of the bodybuilding posing routine has to be done side by side with other competitors so that the judges can judge the different physiques against each other. Besides the mandatory poses, the additional poses that can be performed in the freestyle or optional poses are: the Crab Most Muscular, Intercostals Twist Crunch, Overhead Victory, Hamstring Flex and Leg Display. Whichever pose you use in the bodybuilding posing routine, it is important to remember that posing is an important part of contest preparation. This is because it is only through posing that you can communicate the quality of your physique to the judges and the audience.


As posing is an art, it is better to practice posing by spending an hour a day practicing all three rounds of posing. Watching professionals helps in improving the bodybuilding posing routine. It is important to learn to control muscles and to not shake for a good bodybuilding posing routine. It is not advisable to pose too quickly, or to hold poses for too long. To get the best bodybuilding posing routine for yourself, you have to be critical, and honest with yourself. You have to be able to highlight the good body parts, and know which are your weak body parts.


As first impressions make lasting impressions, your bodybuilding posing routine has to come on strong. It is not necessary to adapt a pose because someone else does it; if there is any awkwardness in the pose, just change it to make sure you are comfortable. Your facial expressions have to be natural during the bodybuilding posing routine where you look like you are enjoying yourself. If required, you could also select music that not only inspires you to make your bodybuilding posing routine a winner, but which will also move the crowd.



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