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Boxing Styles



It would be hard to find a woman in attendance at a boxing match who did not take notice of how good the fighters look wearing those stylish boxing shorts, but generally speaking it is not their shorts or how gorgeous they look in them that is considered when describing the style of a boxer. Boxing style refers to the specific form the fighter uses while boxing. It should be noted that although a boxer might be tagged with a specific form of fighting, many boxers actually incorporate several fighting styles into their form when boxing. Nonetheless those new to the sport may find a brief description of various boxing styles interesting.


The out fighter is a boxer that consistently tries to keep a distance between him and his opponent. Distance requires the boxer to rely on fast, far reaching punches like the jab. The jab is considered to be a weaker punch, but boxing greats like Lennox Lewis are noted for a stunning knockout record using jabs. The boxer using this style of boxing is considered to be adept at controlling fight pace and for wearing down opponents and it takes quite a bit of skill for this boxing style.


The boxer puncher is a boxing style that boxers with a lot of power in their punches are often tagged with. Superior endurance, speed, strength, and quick moving feet are required to land good jabs and leading and powerful punches to out box an opponent. Mohammad Ali who floated like a butterfly and stung like a bee is an excellent example of a boxer puncher whose powerful punching action will live on in infamy.


The brawler slugger is a tough boxing style characterized by voluminous amounts of punching power even if the boxers form may appear to be a tad clumsier than with other styles of boxing. George Foreman preferred this style of boxing. Boxers do not move around as quickly as with other styles, instead relying on landing hard punches to wear down and beat an opponent.


The in fighter swarms in on his opponent and throws rapid combinations of punches. As a boxer moves in to swarm his opponent he does open himself up to receiving several jabs from an opponent until he can get close enough to take control of the boxing action by landing fierce blows to take an opponent down. This style of boxing is more often seen from boxers with a shorter stature. This is the style of boxing most often used in describing the way that Mike Tyson boxes.


The bob and weaver boxer defends themselves by slipping underneath or to the side of an opponent’s strikes before they can land on him by bending at the waist and bobbing the upper torso up and down and strikes by this style of boxing are excellent for upsetting the balance of an opponent who is catapulted forward by the momentum of their own misfired punches. Joe Frasier is an excellent example of a boxer who favored the bob and weave style of boxing.


The puncher is a style of boxing that is typically tagged onto a boxer with a record of having knocked out opponents with either a single, powerful blow or with just a couple of powerful blows. Joe Louis, George Foreman, Marvelous Marvin Haggler and Mike Tyson have all been said to employ this style of boxing in achieving top placement among the greats of boxing.


It is hoped that you found learning about the different styles of boxing and the boxers most recognized for using them very interesting. You may just look at your favorite boxers style of boxing in a new way now that you understand a little more about how the way they move around the ring and face opponents is classified.









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