1. Realize Brad didn’t just go to the gym one day – it took weeks, and months, to develop those muscles.  Commit to the work, and you, too, can have a bulked up, muscular physique.
  2. Design a program based on your body’s muscle physiology.  Because each person is different, each person’s program differs.
  3. To gain the most muscle size, lift 8-12 reps and do no more than 12 sets per muscle group.  This is a case where more is not better.
  4. Your "Time Under Tension" should vary with each mesocycle. (A meso – or micro – cycle is your training program.)
  5. The total Time Under Tension should never be longer than 90 seconds.  It is preferable to stay in the 60-second range for the largest increase in testosterone and growth hormone.
  6. For advanced lifters – depending on your training experience – you should incorporate eccentric training and cheat reps to develop more growth.
  7. Over-exercising will make the body get weaker, smaller, and become fatter.  Remember, more is not always better.  Less can result in better muscle gains.
  8. Proper form is essential.
  9. It’s important to utilize different stimuli to work the muscles, because if you perform the same action repeatedly, your body will adapt and you will no longer see results.  You must adapt and change your program frequently to enable your body to continue to get increased results.
  10. The body must be balanced and symmetrical.  It is recommended that you lift to build other parts of your body in addition to your chest.  This will help  you look better, and it will increase your overall strength, which will help develop your chest faster.
  11. Good posture is essential for muscle development because it allows the nerve impulses to work better, i.e., your muscles work longer and harder.
  12. Massage, acupuncture and other touch-healing modalities can help speed recovery time and eliminate toxins that might be slowing down the growth process for building muscle.
  13. Providing your body with the proper nutrients is a must for the body to grow and be lean.
  14. Cardio can help you stay lean, but if you do too much, it can destroy all those beautiful muscles you’ve developed.  Perform only enough cardio to keep you in shape, and don’t overstrain – otherwise you are just running in circles and growing nowhere.
  15. Certain supplements can give you an edge to develop muscle more quickly as well as make your recovery faster, so you can work out harder and longer, i.e., develop bigger, stronger muscles.    


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