Celebrities are under a lot of pressure to look good. Newscasts in recent months have been filled with reports about some celebrities, and notably young actresses resorting to drastic measures to remain dangerously thin. Many of these young actresses are suffering from eating disorders and may even use alcohol and drugs to help them to avoid eating. These young women need someone to reach out and offer them another way to remain thin. They need to be shown an alternative way to be thin AND healthy at the same time.


More and more celebrities are beginning to recognize the influence they have, not only on their industry peers but also on millions of people, young and old, through the lifestyle choices they make. Celebrities are always in the spotlight and almost everything they do is under constant scrutiny by the public. The lifestyle choices that a celebrity makes often becomes a news report and people can be influenced to make similar lifestyle choices of the celebrities they admire.


The influence that a celebrity can have on the choices that others make for themselves has caused many stars to look a look at their lifestyle choices and the influential messages they are putting out there. Many actors have also tired of risking their health just to look good for the camera. Building strong, healthy bodies and extending their lives has become more important to them. Many celebrities are turning to a macrobiotic diet to build strong and healthy bodies and no one would say that any of these stars have lost their thin physiques and good looks. Demi Moore, Pamela Anderson, Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Alicia Silverstone, Fiona Apple, Tom Cruise, and John Travolta are just some of the actors that have turned to macrobiotic diets for health, fitness, and to keep their youthful good looks.


A macrobiotic diet consists of raw and natural foods and is also commonly referred to as a vegan diet. The preservatives and additives found in manufactured foods are not on the menu in a macrobiotic diet. Neither are foods consisting of animal fats such as beef, chicken, and pork. It is believed that the preservatives and additives in manufactured foods are harmful to the body and makes the body more susceptible to disease. Foods containing animal fats have been shown to clog arteries in the body and thought to be a leading cause of heart disease.


Many of the celebrities that are turning to macrobiotic diets are also making other lifestyle changes to supplement the health benefits of a natural diet. Less alcohol consumption, incorporating healthy fitness routines into their busy schedules, and exploring concepts such as hypnosis and inner peace are just a few of the changing lifestyle choices of more and more celebrities.


The stars who have turned to macrobiotic diets and who have also made coinciding positive lifestyle changes are leading the way for the rest of us to follow for a healthier lifestyle. Their actions should be applauded and it is hoped that the young actresses who are now in serious trouble due to the methods they have been using to remain thin can find inspiration in their industry peers. We can all become healthier by following the example set by the celebrities who have turned to macrobiotic dieting and full out living and enjoying life. Kudos to these stars for not taking the influence they have on peers and those looking up to them lightly.


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