They walk the red carpet looking ever so deliciously in shape. Have you ever wondered just what kinds of workouts those gorgeous celebrities must have to endure to look that good? Do you want to look as good as your fave star, but assume you’d need to fork out a fortune to afford the exclusive personal trainer that surely every celebrity hires to attain those looks?

It is true that most celebrities easily earn enough money to employ trainers for specialized workouts to get them into star shape, and a good many celebrities do have elite personal trainers. But not all celebrities hire personal trainers to help them with their workout regimens — some do it themselves at home; others hit the trendier gyms. You can do the same celebrity workouts as Hollywood’s hottest stars do without spending a lot of money to get yourself into red-hot shape.


You never know what celebrity you will ‘spot’ at a local gym or studio getting in workouts just like everybody else. Workouts that allow a celebrity to build their cardio-fitness sculpt muscles, and tone their bodies at the same time are very popular to celebrities who have lots of demands on their time, yet a need to stay fit. Gym memberships are affordable for many people and here you will find the same workouts that many celebrities are also doing to look and feel their best.


So what celebrity workouts are most popular these days with Hollywood’s A-Lister’s? Pilates. Power-yoga, Tai-chi, stair-climbers and treadmills are just some of the workouts most often mentioned whenever a celebrity is asked about what workouts they use to stay in shape .It isn’t hard to find a Pilates, yoga, aerobics, or weight-resistance classes so that you can enjoy the same celebrity workouts that the stars do.


Not all celebrity workouts require a gym membership or attending a class with others. There are a number of celebrity workouts available in books and on videos. Don’t despair if your all-time favorite celebrity hasn’t yet put out a book or video featuring their ‘spin’ on celebrity workouts. Many celebrities are finding that writing a book or producing a video on celebrity workouts very lucrative indeed. This is because the diet and exercise industry is a billion-dollar-a-year business, thanks to American consumers who ‘crave’ looking like their favorite celebrity and ‘gladly’ spend lots of money hoping to look as trim and sexy as the celebrities they adore. Please note that not all “celebrity workouts’ featured in books and on video are the same. Some so-called celebrity workouts aren’t endorsed by reputable leaders within the health and fitness industries and except for ‘wasting’ your money, don’t offer much else and can even be dangerous. Use common sense-if the suggested exercises are likely to cause injury-skip buying them regardless of how much you like the celebrity ‘endorsing’ such workouts.


Are you ‘intimidated’ by the term: “celebrity workouts?” Do you feel like the only people who could possibly do those celebrity workouts, are those who are already extraordinarily fit? Don’t let the ‘term’ “celebrity workouts” scare you away from trying a new form of exercise. Start out slow, remember that the celebrity featured in the newest workout video didn’t start out as limber as they appear in their video either. They too had to start at whatever fitness level they were at and improve from there and you can do the same.


 No article on exercise workouts whether celebrity or otherwise, would be complete without also mentioning the role that  proper nutrition, healthy eating, and avoiding negative lifestyle choices such as smoking and heavy alcohol consumption, all play in overall health and fitness.