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Scott White is a certified nutritionist and personal trainer who is sought out by top clients around the world; he has trained models, athletes, and professionals and consulted with many others to help them achieve maximal results. Scott is an Optimal Performance Exercise Kinesiologist whose credentials include a BS in Kinesiology from Arizona State University and International Sports Science Association certification.

Scott has modeled professionally and worked with many fitness models in his career as a professional trainer. Since 1998, Scott has been offering expert fitness training and providing nutritional guidance for optimal results to elite clients.

In addition to training this extensive list of elite clients, Scott also has helped many fitness models, actors and actresses prepare for upcoming photo shoots and starring roles. The top fitness models Scott has trained have appeared in all the major fitness and bodybuilding magazines. Scott himself has been featured as a fitness model in national magazines.

Q. What is it about fitness that you love so much?

A. The human body is what I fell in love with, how it functions, why systems do what they do and how it all works. Being the best and having great health, vitality, beautiful skin, feeling great, and of course looking great, having abs and getting attention for looks is always a great feeling. Being able to help others and be a part of helping them reach there goals and how life changing it is. Exercise and fitness always have been a big part of my life, when I was younger I ate tons of southern cooking thanks to my parents, even being active well I was a bit chubby and I heard the jokes and got made fun of and I committed to myself that it would never happen again, when I was in 3rd grade I saved up all my money bought a stair stepper and came home and exercised everyday, until I lost all my weight, than the next year my dad bought me the neighbors bench press and weight set, you know the old cement weights in plastic, I immediately fell in love with being able to push myself, lift heavier weights and work hard at something and see almost instant results. This is how it all started so from there I wanted to learn everything I could, because it changed my life forever and than I wanted to be able to help others achieve and help them benefit the same way I did. I learned and got tons of bad information growing up and read books that were incorrect and still do, and have done tons of different eating, fitness, and health programs to see how everything works. I want to know how it all works and how the body functions. It’s amazing how little we know and most coaches, athletes, and peers and so called experts just pass down old information that is totally incorrect. In the process I have learned a ton and still feel I hardly know much about the human body, it’s the most complicated system. Though will never stop learning more about it, because it is something I’m very passionate about.

Q. What adversities have you had to overcome?

A. With my own self, I was a chubby kid growing up, and than in athletics I was told to eat pastries to get big by a high school coach, which I guess is true but I was wanting muscle not fat, fortunately I had puberty, genetics, and a hard work ethic on my side. Though eating that way caused me to get over trained and under nourished very easy, so I started having more injuries and not recovery and felt fatigued. Than In college football I had many troubles with pulled muscles, separated shoulders, snapped tendons and so forth always forcing me to work harder to recuperate and learn more being in the training room, as well as figure out what was going on so I never had it happen again to me.

In the industry I have been pretty fortunate I have always done really well in the business side of selling and getting clients. Though I remember right after I graduated and got back from a few conferences I was sitting there thinking wow I’m so much better than most trainers out here, so why don’t I have tons of clients. This was when I was starting up my company on my own. well this is when I was like duh if people don’t know about you and don’t like you it doesn’t matter how smart or how good you are at training. This is when I started really researching business and marketing techniques that worked, than I of course did all the networking and marketing I could, was busting my butt every day to get clients and so on. Than had trouble after awhile some would leave and would have to hunt some more down to fill the spots. This is when I took my second passion computers and internet to use and started researching the internet and how Google, yahoo, and other search engines rank websites, which is called search engine optimization after I learned and got my website ranked number one I stated getting tons of phone calls and business banging down my doors which freed more time for me to run other business, learn more and so on. was one of the best things I could of ever done, because marketing my business has been an automatic machine since I have learned SEO.

Q. What are your favorite and least favorite exercises?

A. Love to do squats, really don’t have any least favorite exercise, I’m just about doing my workouts and not really thinking much about it. I’m there to lift hard and smart, so once I get started I just go full bore and than I’m done. Not much thinking goes into it. I just do it.

Q. Where do you stand on the use of steroids and supplements?

A. I don’t recommend steroids and not a big fan of them, do they work totally and do I know tons of people on them yes, I just felt back when I was playing football that it would be cheating me and the system, I want to achieve everything on my own.

Supplements well that’s such a huge area, some I would recommend and some I wouldn’t, I’m a big fan of multi vitamins well good ones, quality protein powders, amino’s, meal replacements, and of course other minerals.

I do believe eating a good healthy diet is the most important thing so without eating great supplements are mostly a waste, supplements are there to supplement a good healthy diet, not to just be taken and than eat poorly.

Scott White Celebrity Personal Trainer

Q. What are your future goals?

A. Wow, I could go on for eons about this subject, I write down may goals almost daily about my life, investments, fitness, and everything else you can imagine. My near future goals in the fitness business or in business is to get more into speaking at conferences and hosting my own conferences and moving towards more of professional speaker and doing more in the educational side working to keep this industry more on it’s toes progressing all trainers and people so were not fooled by all the miss information in our industry. Of course traveling around the world and learning more in all areas, especially fitness, nutrition, and health. as well as developing new products about nutrition, fitness, and health, so keep your eye out for my information packed products.

Q. What i
s the toughest part about fitness for you?

A. Getting and helping others when they don’t listen and really want to take your advice, it’s all the people who want a great body, health, and are not willing to change there life, and eat better, and workout harder to get what they want.

it’s all the people who want the world, but are not willing to do what it takes to get there. That is more challenging when you want to help them because without them on your side and doing what they need to do, it’s basically impossible.

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