1.5 lb free range organic chicken

2 medium onions, sliced

3 spicy sausages (~3/4 pound)

1/2 cucumber

2-3 handfuls of grapes

1/2 tbsp Dried Basil + Oregano

.5 tsp Garlic Powder

1 tsp Dried Dill, Salt + Pepper, Coconut Oil

3-4 Tbsp Homemade Paleo Mayo

2 Tbsp Yellow Mustard



Cook the chicken however you’d like (leftover chicken works great). I chopped mine up into pieces {bite size} and pan fried it in coconut oil.

In a pan cook up your onions in your coconut oil, and get them nice and caramelized {remember to take your time with that!}. About half way through their cooking time, I like to remove the casing of my sausages and crumble it into the onions.

Once those are cooked put them and your chicken in a big old bowl. Now chop up your grapes in half or quarters, and peel / chop your cucumber into bite size-ish pieces.

Add in the Spices / dried herbs, salt + Pepper and mix really well. It’s not a very “wet” chicken salad {not a huge fan of them} so feel free to add more mayo if you’d like, but if you’re going to let this sit over night I’d add some extra mayo just so it doesn’t dry out or anything.

Taste test it, adjust spices as needed and it’s done!