Research now shows that the animal by-products made from grass fed animals are healthier for us than the animal by-products that come from grain fed animals. Grass fed animal products have greater omega-3 fat compositions than the omega-3 fat compositions found in grain fed animal products and the fats in omega-3 are crucial fats our bodies need. Our bodies are not able to produce these fatty acids so we must get them from other sources such as animals and health supplements. Omega-3 provides our bodies with greater protection from such afflictions as arthritis, various cancers, coronary artery disease, hypertension, as well as other conditions. 


You may not want to think of the animal products that you eat in this way, but it is the truth. The diet that an animal had affects the beneficial qualities of the meat, tissue, and organ products we consume. There is clear evidence to support the assertion that animals that were fed a diet of grass retain more of those beneficial qualities that humans depend on for life and for our health, than those animals fed a diet of grain. In scientific testing, the products made from grass fed animals were found to have higher concentrations of vitamins, minerals, and fats than those of grain fed animals.


Not all fats are the same and not all of them are healthy for us. Some have been proven to contribute to the development of disease, even as others such as omega-3 offer us protection from many diseases. Grass fed animal products have more of the fats that help our bodies to protect itself from disease and have less of those fats that are believed to be contributors to disease development. Grain fed animal products do not have a greater amount of the healthy fats versus lower amounts of the unhealthy fats.


In early civilization animals were fed diets of grass. It was not until we became a more industrialized society that feed for animals such as grain was developed. The industrial revolution as it is known, also brought changes to farming which in turn changed the beneficial qualities of plant food sources. The diet of early humans was natural and unspoiled. The average American diet today is polluted with manufactured food products that do not resemble those early foods at all. They do not offer the health benefits early people enjoyed because of their natural diets either.


Organic farming and feeding livestock grass only for healthier animal by-products is leading us back to our early roots of healthier eating. Not everyone has caught on to the need to do this as evidenced by the overwhelming number of obese men, women, and children living in the United States. Organic farmers do not inject animals with antibiotics and hormones. Grass fed, organically raised animals make healthier animal products for human consumption, then grain fed, antibiotic and hormone infused animals do, plain and simple.


In reading about how grass fed animals have greater omega-3 compositions than grain fed animals, you may wonder why not just eat fish to get omega-3. Early humans did consume large quantities of fish and got a good portion of omega-3 from doing so, but we are warned against consuming fish in large quanties today. This is because our industrial practices have dumped pollutants like mercury into lakes, rivers, and oceans, contaminating the water and the fish. Many fish today contain high levels of mercury and other contaminants, making consumption of them unsafe. The government thus far only warns pregnant women not to eat fish, but many health experts are now encouraging people not to eat fish unless it has been tested to determine if it is mercury free prior to consumption.  


So look to grass fed animal products to get the omega-3 fats and many other vitamins and minerals your body needs to protect itself from disease and reward you with a long and vital life.