So why in the hell do we listen to some movie star about fitness and working out, Chuck Norris may be the Texas Ranger, but does he have a degree in Exercise physiology, Kinesiology, Biomechanics, or is he at least a certified personal trainer, so why in the hell is he telling people how to exercise on the total body gym.

The Total Body Gym: Sure it may be a good form of exercise machine for some people, but come on let’s face it it’s not going to replace free weights and hiring a personal trainer. The Total Body Gym is actually on piece of equipment that I like for rehab and for beginners when it comes to exercise, but come on Chuck Norris, Wesley Snipes. Stop making money by recommending something you may like, but you are paid actors not professionals.

American’s Wesley Snipes, Chuck Norris may be great actors or may not be, but that is what they do is Act. They do not research exercise programs, fat loss, they are not professionals in the fitness industry. Stop Listening to paid actors about health and fitness, and Start listening to Fitness Professionals about Fitness Equipment, Exercise, Fat Loss.