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If your collection of home fitness equipment does not include clubbells, it should. They are an excellent exercise tool that can be used by young and old alike to get fit and healthy. Even people who are transitioning back into a regular routine of exercise after recovering from injuries, illness, or surgery can safely use clubbells to rebuild the strength, fitness, and health lost while recuperating.


Clubbells help strengthen the body overall with a focus on circular strengthening, while also helping to tone and firm those especially stubborn areas such as the thighs, hips, stomach and gluts. Clubbells strengthen the body without adding unnecessary and harmful stress to joints and bones like some exercises and other fitness equipment.


Clubbells remind me of police enforcement clubs or baseball bats with an extra whomp on the end of them. I imagine I am a Ninja combating the evil forces of artery clogging foods and the hypnotic enticement of vegetating in front of the television in search of my ultimate fitness and health. I know I can battle successfully against these foes with the power within clubbells.


You can buy clubbell packages that included clubbell dictionaries so you understand everything about them and what they can do to help you get and stay fit and healthy. As a bonus you will also find clubbell exercise DVDs in certain select packages. These are quite a bargain if you consider how much you have to pay when buying most other fitness equipment and then adding the costs of purchasing exercise DVDs and a comprehensive reference book individually.


Buy Clubbells                     Buy Clubbells           


Clubbells are available in lighter sizes, weighing only 5 pounds on up to large sizes, pushing forty plus pounds. You can buy single clubbells or buy them in pairs for a double workout. The majority of us will find that beginning with 10 pound clubbells is the right choice. As our strength increases with each subsequent workout, we can then choose to increase the weight of the clubbells. How heavy on the weight that we will go with the clubbells will depend upon our individual goals of fitness and health.


Add pep to your step and pep to the health and fitness benefits of your walking routine with a pair of mini clubbells. Your walking routine will be transformed with these mini marvels in hand, pumping up and down as you stride with purpose. With mini clubbells you will actually increase weight loss and muscle building in half the time you would need to put into your walking routine without them.


Clubbells make wonderful gifts for family and friends. Everybody is getting into better health and fitness and you can help those you care about to get there sooner with the gift of clubbells. Any occasion, birthday, holiday, graduation, wedding showers, or when you know someone is beginning to exercise is an appropriate time to give the gift of fitness and health that clubbells promote.


Start your children out with 5 pound clubbells and teach them how important fitness and health are at all life stages. Lead them by example by using clubbells yourself. Even Grandma and Grandpa will benefit from using 5 and 10 pound clubbells to offset many of the affects of aging. They can help them to replenish muscle mass that can be lost  as we age and to help lubricate joints to minimize the affects of arthritis. Strong muscles help to prevent the unfortunate falls that many older adults experience.


Holding a clubbell or a pair of clubbells sends a current of electrifying excitement through you as you hold in your hands, the tools to find your best fitness and health.


Buy Clubbells                     Buy Clubbells