healthy diets

I’m looking to hear which diets really work. We are looking for real life success stories from people who have lost weight and kept it off for a minimum of 8 years after the diet.  Please comment and send in your photo’s to prove your results.  Because so far we have only seen programs that get you too lose weight fast for a short period of time and than of course gain it back and more.  Show us your success though only if you have kept it off for a least 5-8 years.

Sure we have clients who workout with us and eat right and learn how to live a healthy life.  We have thousand of success stories regarding this though I want to know if anyone actually been on a diet that has worked this successful for a short period of time like this.

Respond an let us know, because so far our research shows that people who go on Jenny, Weight Watchers, Nutri systems, slim fast, subway diet, taco bell diet, HCG, and all the millions of others out there promising quick fat loss results just put it all back on.  A few of the reasons why the research has show this is because they all put you on basically a low restrictive diet plan that drops weigh fast. What they don’t tell you long term your body can’t maintain this and you will end up gaining it all on.  Unless of course you than change to eating healthy and Exercising.  Though I guess you could of done that to begin with.  It is important for people who do have a life or death situation where they need to lose weigh extremely fast otherwise they could die.  Though I think it’s funny that the only way it works is if you switch to exercise and a healthy diet and lifestyle after that.

Show me your results tell us your story.  We have a contest to see if there is a diet out there that will work?